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Top 10 Ways You Know (Your) Spiritual Renaissance Has Begun:

Top 10 Ways You Know (Your) Spiritual Renaissance Has Begun:

This issue has focused on the Spiritual Renaissance, but how do you know it’s at work in your life? Maybe it’s going like gangbusters and clear as day. Maybe it’s happening for you on a more subtle level. Remember that everyone’s journey is different – and that’s perfect! ~ Radiance

Here are some clues to look for.

10. You realize more things that you truly love are becoming mainstream and no longer under the radar
9. You’ve started a daily “practice” of sorts, even if you’ve never mentioned it
8. You care less what others think and revel in your authentic life choices
7. You’re kinder and kinder and kinder to yourself
6. You’re consciously expanding into other areas of yourself and the world, and attracting like-hearted people to share these experiences with
5. What your spirit truly yearns for shows up with greater frequency
4. You ask yourself more often “What would love/God/Source do now?
3. You realize the term “New Age” is passé when you’re actually living in the new age
2. You realize that what’s outside is an exact match for your inside and you allow yourself to get distracted less
1. You begin creating a life in alignment with your authentic self, knowing that when you transform yourself, you transform the world

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