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Note from the Publisher – July – August 2018

Note from the Publisher – July – August 2018

Scott Ware, Publisher

The Museum of Woman hosted the first “Radiance Magazine Release Party and Award Ceremony” on May 26th, where business and spiritual life coach Donna Bond was presented with the Radiant Community Member Award for her many contributions to the magazine and for the generous donations of her time and talents to her fellow practitioners. It was a magical night.

Did you know Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles offers free Reiki/Energy Healing to its patients, as does Hoag Hospital in Orange County? Did you hear about the hospital in Henderson, Nevada that now offers patients essential oils before prescribing opioids?

More medical centers are moving away from treating only the problem and addressing the whole person; a holistic approach. UCI’s Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute’s mission is “to treat the whole person, not just the disease… Integrative medicine uses both traditional and nontraditional medical services to treat the mind, body and spirit.” They offer Acupuncture, Massage, Biofeedback, Yoga, Herbal Medicine, Supplements, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

The goal is to honor ourselves by seeking out the best care for our body, mind and soul with the best services available.

Some people wonder what wellness benefits an intuitive reader can give them. It turns out, a lot! This isn’t your grandma’s fortune teller. One of Radiance’s Associate Editors, Rain Finelove, happens to be a very talented intuitive, and she recently posted this on Facebook:

This work that has chosen me is incredibly satisfying. People refer to this as “a reading” but it is much more. Lilly says I break people open… And make them aware of things they bury, don’t want to see, or are not aware of… And then they can move forward toward what they truly want. Seeing the effects of transformation on a client after the third full session… It was like he had found nirvana… He said, “If I had all the money from all the drugs that I bought to try to feel the way I do now, I could retire. I don’t know how you ladies do what you do but it is life-changing.”

Now that is a testimonial.

To your wellbeing,

Scott Ware

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