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5 Reasons to Attend The Mindfulness Expo

5 Reasons to Attend The Mindfulness Expo

Connection with Self; Connection with like minded people

The classes provided at the expo will give attendees life skills. The better we understand who we are, the better we can follow our intuition and make sound decisions. Learn the tools to understand your life, set in an environment with others who are on the same path as you.


The investment we make into ourselves is the greatest investment

Of all the investments available to us, the investment into ourselves becomes the most valuable. No amount of money or time spent on becoming a better person can be taken away from us.


Understanding mindfulness leads to a fulfilling and empowered life

True empowerment is a natural by product as one walks the path of self actualization. Life is not hard. We just have to develop the right mindset to understand it and deal with it. This why mindfulness classes become so important. What we did not learn in school, is now at our disposal at the expo. No matter your age or where you are in life, you will benefit.


Array of workshops

Our workshops have been selected for maximum experience for our attendees. Attendees can choose from a wide range of topics. To name a few: Kundalini, spiritual relationships, sound healing, spiritual selling, benefits of meditation, transformative aspects of nature, finding your passion, and so much more!


Accessible and affordable for all

The Mindfulness Expo is a one-day event, from 10am-6pm. Ticket prices are $35 for the entire day’s event, with no add-on charges. Stay for the full day, or choose a couple classes. Your schedule is up to you. And in between classes, check out our vast array of exhibitor booths, all in the fields of mindfulness and wellness.


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