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How the 7 Levels of Consciousness Can Tell You Who You Are, by Brad Wallis

How the 7 Levels of Consciousness Can Tell You Who You Are, by Brad Wallis

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    The term consciousness is frequently heard these days, with everyone talking about the need to “raise your consciousness.” 

    It may be obvious but important to note that no one else can raise your consciousness for you: no guru or a pill can do what a powerful intention from the deepest part of you can do.

    Consciousness is many things… it’s a field you’re connected to, and therefore connected to all… Every one is made from it. It’s the way you think. It is your vantage point. 

    Most of us like to think we are of very high consciousness, or at a minimum, that we are of higher consciousness than most other people. There is a way to know for sure: we’d like to share with you a brief overview of The Seven Levels of Consciousness.

    The Levels are descriptions of vantage points that have held you bound in resistance but which can now, with your awareness and intention, release you into full abundance and creativity and allow you to master the human physical experience so that everything moves fluidly. Who doesn’t want that? 

Experience how powerful you can become

    You will finally be able to determine who you are. Once you determine that, you may move freely in any direction YOU choose to make the necessary shifts in your life for self-empowerment. The Seven Levels are a roadmap inward that will connect you with your Soul.

First Level of Consciousness

  • Name: Sub-Consciousness
  • Key Traits: Reproduction and Survival
  • Separate from Source, no center alignment with Love or inclusion

Description: Exhibiting thoughts and attitudes around survival (looking out for #1), reproduction (concern with mating and bloodlines), rituals (e.g., superstition), and competition (the need to be the best). Reactive behavior based on disconnection from Source. 40% of humans reside in the First Level.

Second Level of Consciousness

  • Name: Social Consciousness
  • Key Traits: Control, Tyranny, Herd-Like Behavior
  • Where you derive your identity from a group 

Description: Deeply seated in the belief of disconnection from Source. Displaying a “safety in numbers” mentality; not thinking for oneself and conforming to the views of the majority. 30% of humans reside in the Second Level.

Third Level of Consciousness

  • Name: Conscious Awareness
  • Key Trait: Pain and Suffering 
  • This is where you are getting broader downloads of information and are beginning to wake up to more experiences than what is broadly accepted
  • You are afraid to fully express your new interpretations

Description: Beginning to find that religion does not work for them. Finding the light within. Finding ways to express one’s individuality but still enjoying/being tied to the pain and suffering on this realm. Artistic types express only by digging up darkness and painful past experiences. Moving into the duality of Yin and Yang.

    These and the other Levels of Consciousness are an ancient teaching that many practitioners teach and theorize based on the human experience, which can be blended with and bring clarity to any teaching you’re in alignment with.

    We provide an in-depth, comprehensive teaching on the rest of the Seven Levels of Consciousness at We invite you to sample our free videos and enroll in the online class that calls to you. 

    We see you as the Gods who have forgotten how powerful you are. Everything you need is already within you. Learn, grow, expand, and live in joy. Experience how powerful you can become.

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