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A Certified Health Coach Uses Flower Essences for Deeper Healing

A Certified Health Coach Uses Flower Essences for Deeper Healing

Dina Saalisi

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Dina Saalisi is a Master Flower Essence Practitioner, Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, educator and author. By combining these powerful healing modalities, Dina guides others in creating personal empowerment to overcome physical and emotional challenges at the core.

Flower essences is an unusual modality. Why did you choose them? I love flower essences because they’re a subtle energy medicine. Some people get them confused with essential oils, which they are not. They’re a liquid extract from flowers, of course. I liken it to homeopathy. I use them in a very profound way because I’m also a health coach. Many people come to me with illnesses, severe emotional trauma, and in addition to what I provide in my coaching, which is powerful medicine in itself, I also support their healing with the extracts of flower essences.

So you’re a special kind of health coach that is certified by to help clients heal? Yes, it’s a fairly new certification by the National Medical Board which keeps the standards up, right? For instance, each year I have to continue my education. 

It’s really powerful because I can work with someone who comes in with serious illness. I can really help them to unravel what’s at the deeper layers to help them get motivated to make change. 

And despite it being certified by a medical board, you’re allowed to bring in homeopathy and flower essence healing. Yes, and it’s really unique. I don’t know of any other flower essence practitioner who is a health coach! I really find that the two support each other. 

Do you encourage your clients or patients to learn to heal themselves? Absolutely, that’s a big point for me. I believe we were all born with the gift of an inner healer inside of us, and in this way it’s truly empowering for people. Sometimes we need to seek help outside of ourselves, but my job is to help people find their own personal empowerment so they can elevate. I like to help people become the best version of themselves and become empowered to manage challenges as they arise. 

With this unique combination of healing, what do you hear from clients and patients? I frequently hear that once they feel supported… once they feel held and heard, then they are able to discover what it is in them that they wish to achieve in life recognize the gifts that they already have. So a lot of people appreciate that I can help them come to their own level of awareness. It’s different from a therapist where you may or may not get practical skill advice. Some people stay in therapy a long time, and they come to me really ready to take charge of their lives. So this way I help them to discover what they can really achieve on their own.

I’ve been told I have a gift for this. It comes very natural to me, and that’s how I became a specialist in trauma. I’m not only willing, but able to hold that space. 

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