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After serving in the Peace Corps for two years in Africa, Jacob Moore developed his abilities to give intuitive guidance to seekers. Near the end of our talk, he started reading me… -Scott

Do people get healing from your readings? Yes, because they can feel energy shifting either by something I said or the energy coming through me, a pain that was in part of the body or location and suddenly they notice it has completely diminished or just gone. I often hear back from them later as to how surprised they were. Or sometimes they were stressed and now feel more relaxed. They’re now seeing a different perspective. I’ll be like a foreman but with the digging shovel too if you need me to help you get to that point we’re figuring out, “Oh, I’ve got some other people’s energy and burdens I’m just carrying along as a backpack I didn’t know they gave me!” Let’s get you clear of all that!

You help facilitate the healing. And a lot of it is you can heal yourself, I’m just taking a flashlight here and showing you, but you can do this too.

Where do you see people? Mostly online, actually. In person, online and even by text.

You give people readings by text? Yeah, I just really tap in. Let me feel that, and this is the message…

How did your time in Africa affect your intuitive practice? Immensely. The biggest lesson I learned in Africa was the smallest act of kindness, no matter how insignificant you might think is it, will create joy. It was actually the highest and lowest points in my life. The lowest because I had my shadow self revealed to me. You know you have to deal with that part of you to heal. Recently I had this profound moment of surrender. Afterward, it changed everything, it changed my life even up till now. I just said to myself why am I doing this to myself? You know, if you’re really serious about it, you will let go of it.

You offer a lot of services, but what do people come to you for mainly? I do angelic communication. They talk to me all the time. They help by just talking about what’s going on with me, or I get a strong feeling for something specific or “I’m hearing about Scott.”

(Re: me) What do you hear? I get this sense you’re opening up your life to the many possibilities… it’s almost like you’re having this divine power within you now coming out… there’s just a lot of love I feel from the other side, and a strong presence of Archangel Michael… the angels are just with you all the time, and he’s saying “Talk to me, even if it sounds crazy to talk out loud, it doesn’t matter, I’m here…” And I just see a lot of your life having this overall sense of love and serenity and I can see you open your arms and spreading them just like this, like “I’m going with the flow, I’m going on this ocean feeling,” and so many powerful doors within yourself you might never knew you had the keys to are already unlocked, just open the doors…

Visit or call Jacob for a reading, healing or life coaching at 657-325-0380.

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