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A Functional Nutritionist: Scientific and Holistic

A Functional Nutritionist: Scientific and Holistic

The Best of Both Healing Worlds

Maritza Worthington can be contacted at Organic MediZen for an appointment at (562) 237-4892, or

Maritza Worthington, FNS, CHNC, CNPM, founded Organic MediZen, a well-regarded wellness studio in downtown Fullerton to help clients with everything from reducing their stress to overcoming life-long diseases.

Why do people come to see you? Anxiety is common. Stress. Digestive issues, bloating, hormonal imbalance, brain fog, sleeplessness and fatigue are the big ones. I mostly specialize in digestive issues and hormonal imbalance, but, really, a majority of people come to me because they’re interested in unlocking their code.

What do you mean by “unlocking their code?” Everyone is unique, so their nutritional blueprint is unique as well. If they could be armed with the information to naturally heal themselves with foods their body responds to best, they would live much more satisfying, energetic lives. No more brain fog, fatigue or physiological distress, and much more energy, zest and overall well-being!

What should people know about your role as a Functional Nutritionist? I’ve fused holistic nutrition and functional medicine principles within my practice at Organic MediZen, which allows me to create a superior integrative experience for my clients. Another big drawing card for people is that I scientifically evaluate each of my clients through assessments and lab work. But by also taking a holistic viewpoint, I consider the unseen or the abstract, like energy and stress levels. During client sessions, I’ll discuss mindset and stress and how that ties in with their health issues.

A lot of healers credit a particular experience that set them on the healing path. Did you? I had a near-death experience in my early 20s. It all started with what I initially thought and hoped was just a urinary tract infection. The doctor seemed to believe it was also a UTI and was about to send me off with a prescription for antibiotics, despite the rising suspicion that it could be something graver. Hesitantly, the doctor mentioned that she could always order an X-ray, just in case. Something in that moment told me what my choice needed to be, so I said let’s do it now.

What did they find? Apparently, my kidneys were swelling and on the verge of rupture. I have doubt that all the junk food, alcohol and coffee I was consuming had contributed to it. Add onto that all the emotional stress and trauma I hadn’t emotionally processed, and something was bound to go wrong. I immediately had emergency surgery.

How long was your recovery? Six months. It gave me a lot of time to reflect and process how I had been living my life up until that point, which was quite unconsciously. During my recovery, I took up meditation as a serious practice and absorbed all I could about nutrition and healing so that I could someday help other people—other souls—heal themselves before it’s too late. This has now become my life’s work and purpose.


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