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A Healer in Every Home

A Healer in Every Home

Empowering People the Natural Way

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Sandy Chasteen is a holistic health coach who teaches people how to help the body regain balance from dis-ease resulting from emotional blocks. She facilitates healing with doTERRA’s essential oil Aromatouch Technique with other complementary holistic tools and modalities as part of a broader healing community. She also shared a fascinating anecdote involving her very advanced daughter. —Editor

What is the Aromatouch Technique?

SANDY: It’s the clinical, therapeutic application of eight essential oils that work synergistically in your body. Laying face down on a massage table, we apply the oils along the spine, back, ears and bottoms of your feet. They serve to relax and ground you, while lowering discomfort and inflammation, boosting your immune system and creating a higher level of homeostasis within the body. I’ve found this technique extremely beneficial in helping people identify and release emotional blocks. And I love it.

How are doTERRA oils different?

There’s a lot of science and integrity behind them. doTERRA’s mission is to augment our current healthcare system by getting these amazing oils into the mainstream and create a healer in every home. It just takes some education on how and why to use the oils in relation to the physical and emotional issues you’re experiencing.

How do people respond to Aromatouch technique?

Some experience instant emotional release, others simply sleep well. The oils go where they need to support the body. The oils and the human body know what to do. I hold space and facilitate healing.

How did you discover you’re a healer?

My four-year-old daughter was in the bath and she said, “Momma, can we please stop using this shampoo? It hurts my eyes.” I said, “This is ‘No More Tears.’ You’ll be fine.” She rolled her eyes and said, “It was so much easier when I was the mom and you were the kid.”

What?! What do you mean?” She said, “The last time we were here, we lived in India, I had eight children and you were one of them. We learned our lessons, and at the end we went back to the other side and are now back again. This time, you’re the mom, and I’m the kid. You’re going to become a healer, and work with people, help them get over their physical ailments by understanding that it’s about learning how to love.”

And so now I do. I simply hold space for people and use the Louise Hay materials combined with essential oils to identify problematic thought patterns and release trapped emotions. And if I can’t help you, I have a huge community of other healers I collaborate with to whom I’ll refer you. I love my job.

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