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A Mystical Journey with a Shaman

A Mystical Journey with a Shaman

“This is the form my spirit chose.”

If you are interested in accompanying Shaman Isabella on a sacred journey to Peru, you can reach her at (714) 603-8624.

This is a special time of year for Shaman Isabella Stoloff: spiritual seekers are joining her on a Retreat to Peru Oct. 12-21st, where she will lead them on a mystical journey to one of the most sacred places on Earth. —Editor

Would you agree that when most people think of a shaman, their first image is not of a blond-haired white woman?

SHAMAN ISABELLA: Yes. I believe everyone is a shaman or healer of one kind or another. We’ve just forgotten or chosen not to tap into our inner wisdom. Some people have said, “How dare you call yourself a shaman. You’re not indigenous, you’re not this or that.” I had to really stand up for myself and say, “This is the form my spirit chose to be in this lifetime, as a shaman.” There are many other lifetimes where I was an African shaman, a Mongolian shaman, a Native American shaman. No disrespect to any culture, but I believe we’re all indigenous to somewhere. You can challenge me all you want, but my many healed clients and Yelp reviews say otherwise, and I come from the most humble place when I say that.

You had a hardcore life.

Yes, I ran away from home at 14, was a hopeless drug addict. A teenage mom, a battered wife.  I even spent time in prison. I had many challenges. I know today that I experienced that type of trauma because I was a shaman. And the Peruvian shamans, the lineage from which I was taught in this lifetime, from the age of 14, have to live in the jungle, they have to kill the rooster and cook the ayahuasca and learn how to live with the jaguars. My jaguars in this life were the streets of Hollywood.  I had a hard time believing I was a healer, part of me wanted nothing to do with it. I was an acting teacher with a Master of Fine Arts degree. I didn’t even know what a shaman was. I’d always believed in energy, the Universe and the God of my own understanding.

When did you know you were a healer?

It didn’t register for quite a while. I believe in vibration and positive and negative, but I don’t believe in heaven and hell or religious concepts. When I began practicing in 2007, I had a really hard time believing in what I was doing as I am a feeler-healer, which seemed “less” than the people who are seers or can hear guidance. What I found is that those types of qualities needed time to develop. The healing arts are a practice, and the more you practice, the better and more skilled you become.

When did you turn the corner and know you could make a difference in someone’s healing?

I found myself in the Amazon jungle in 2009 and realized I was still in victim mode. When I came home from that trip, I turned my home into the Orange County Healing Center and I’ve never looked back. I also had to believe what other people were saying because after a healing they felt better. I remember thinking, “Really?! You feel better?” It is an incredible feeling to be helping people at that level. I’m not for everyone. Not everyone finds me. But those who do are ready. And I am grateful. As the old saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”


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