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Note from the Publisher December 2019 – January 2020

Note from the Publisher December 2019 – January 2020

So much happening in the spiritual community. Radiance has you covered.

Scott Ware

Scott Ware

Radiance Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

    My editorial staff and I knew right away that the “The Frequency of Wellness” was an exciting theme to expound and expand on, and our contributors did not disappoint. 

    Star Trek: Discovery writer Alan McElroy dazzles us with his take on the frequency that binds us all on page 16… Inventor Alan Howarth’s discovery that we’ve been listening to our music in an unnatural frequency(!) has a fix—an app that makes your favorite classical and pop songs resonate in ways you can feel from the first note and will even help heal you, on page 46… Starsinger brings us an amazingly hypnotic app with activating frequencies from the stars on page 28… mix in a session of healing Tachyon particles in Sedona, healing floral essences, a sacred sexuality workshop, Wisdom of the Earth healing pure essences, alchemical elixirs whose energetic properties many can feel upon touch from Swaha Rob and Tison Liu of Anu Alchemy… and did we mention sound therapy that kills cancer cells? (page 22) You’ll be vibing high!

    You’re aware there are some interesting frequencies running through your house, right? Cell phones, WIFI, the vibes of a complicated neighbor… Among other companies, Vibranz offers a phone strip that not only negates the harmful energies that weaken you (muscle-testing doesn’t lie) but they also strengthen the person you’re calling! Please re-read that last sentence! There’s a video with muscle-testing proof in Radiance social media–you’ll be astounded.

    You know you’ve got a complete issue when you get to include a channeling from God. Angel Channel Phyllis Douglass (cover) gives voice to the Divine with words that are sure to touch your soul. 

Conscious Life Expo is back Feb 7-10th, with Russell Brand, Dannion Brinkley, Susan Miller, Deborah King, David Wolfe, and Dr. Shamini Jain. And, of course, Bashar, Gregg Braden, and much more. Look for their interviews in this issue and the next and on

    Most houses that are pushed by developers and approved by city councils are built, painted and carpeted in such a way that takes 40 years to off-gas and are still—still—not very fire-retardant. So why not look at the Cal-Earth Super Adobe home (page 52) that is fireproof, earthquake-proof, and only costs a few thousand dollars to build? Think of the good vibes you’ll feel living in a house that is 99% percent Earth itself. I’m sure you’ll want to “frequent” it all the time.     

Things changeThe Chopra Center in Carlsbad has closed. On the grounds of the La Costa Retreat and Spa, it was always a favorite place of mine to go to with spiritual practitioners as part of a “spiritual hub crawl” to deliver the current copy of Radiance and even nudge the intuitives of my group to give their employees mini-readings who were open to it. It was a place of serene beauty that always inspired one to go within, and it will be missed.

    Editor’s note: The format of most of pages in Radiance is indenting four spaces at the beginning of each paragraph, instead of a longer tab hit or staying flush with the margin). Why indent at all? It feels more comfy, for one. Also, it appropriately suggests a love letter from Spirit. After all, it’s not journalism, which must stay detached and objective. You can’t objectively experience love – you have to dive into it wholly. You have to be subjective of your experience with Source. We’re not merely delivering information; we’re offering transformation, and your whole body-mind-self self is a necessary ingredient. 

    Did I mention Conscious Life Expo is Feb 7-10th? Just checking.

    A true spiritual love story: a man is in a serious car accident, gets a brain injury, later goes into a coma. He meets a loving presence on the other side named Julius, a collective of “High Light Beings” who embrace him with great love, show him things about his life and ask if he wants to stay on Earth. He says, but only if they will continue their interactions with him. He came back with Julius but discovered that someone close to him was able to channel Julius even better than him: this person who would become his wife… So together they collected the words of wisdom of this incredible being and teach workshops, and even start a network to get Julius’s loving message of self-empowerment out. Julius had one request—for Brad and Kasey Wallis to offer their new network, which has access to 70 million users, to other spiritual practitioners, life coaches, and inspirational authors. Xpnsion Network was born, which can be found on Amazon Fire Stick and Roku (page 14). They’ll be at the Conscious Life Expo interviewing people who want to make a positive impact on the world. If that’s you, then stop by their booth. 

    Coming soon: The Radiance Channel on Xpnsion Network


Scott Ware

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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