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A Romance with a Spiritual Woman By Mukunda Singh

A Romance with a Spiritual Woman By Mukunda Singh

We knew there were sparks and a spiritual connection, so we decided to explore it further.

Her name was Tina. We first met at acupuncture school. Soon after we were going for walks in the park. Even though we were full grown adults, we’d go on the swings and talk about life and its challenges. We called it swing therapy.

Then we’d lay under the trees and share more. She was very good at hearing me out when I was suffering or confused. I knew I was with someone who not only believed in living a spiritual life, but also had a direct spiritual experience of divinity. So, it wasn’t out of place for me to also share a passage from a spiritual book or some poetry.

We started doing energy work on each other, which was deep and profound. I started seeing visions of angels and spiritual deities in broad daylight, which hadn’t happened before Tina came into my life. Memories surfaced from other past lives we had lived together. In many of them we were married; in some we were family; in others, we were teacher and student. We would journal and draw and discuss these processes as they were happening. It was a magical time, a time of self-discovery and acceptance. It helped me create a new sense of self.

The first time I met my wife’s parents it felt like coming home. There was a sense that we already knew each and they had just been waiting for me to show up.  As I was introduced to the rest of my wife’s boisterous middle eastern family, I felt the same sense of easy acceptance and belonging. My wife and mothers hit it off so well the first time they met they almost didn’t talk to me. They had found a connection in their deep love for spirit and an easy acceptance of one another.

Soon after we got together, we found out we were pregnant. I was frightened and uncertain. I had just finished my acupuncture program and was looking at starting my career and my own business.  My ability to provide for myself, let alone a family was laughable. Again, spirit intervened in the form of my great-great Indian grandmother channeling through our psychic friend Esther. She reached out to me, held my hand and said, “You are strong, and you will get through this. We are with you. Get on your horse and ride.”  And so I did. When your dead great grandmother reaches out across the Eons you listen.

We faced many early challenges in the relationship. We struggled financially, had many fallings-out with close family members, had doubts about ourselves and our gifts, and struggled with being first-time parents. Through it all we had each other and the unshakable belief in our partner to succeed. Now, we love and accept each other in our darkness and our light, knowing that each phase is a step in our evolution. I look forward to many more years of growth, learning, and joy together.

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