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A Spiritual Journey into the Rebellious Art of Sacred Anointing

A Spiritual Journey into the Rebellious Art of Sacred Anointing

Cynthia Olivera

Cynthia J. Olivera is a sage and world spirit guide just outside of Sedona, dedicated to unlocking abundant blessings to all who choose to study and live into this beautiful and beneficial practice. She is also the Educational Director for Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils.

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As a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Spiritual Counselor who uses medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns, Cynthia guides her students on how to open to the messages these pure essences offer to those who are ready to hear from them and assists in the release of pain of the heart, and re-patterns the body to facilitate the ability to love more deeply.  Her workshops in rediscovering the juiciness of life through sacred sensuality, movement, meditation, and heart dreaming are experiential learning environments that allow a shift in personal reality to joyously occur.

  In the great mystery centers of the ancient world, women and men were trained in the spiritual art of anointing. This practice blessed, consecrated, and healed their daily lives. 

    Anointing was a form of blessing given by the spiritual teachers and medicine people to commemorate important nodal points in the life cycle—birth, puberty, entrance into the ranks of leadership, initiation, and death. Anointing reaffirmed that life was a sacred journey. 

    Anointing gives us the ability to create a direct connection and communion with the Mother, tapping into her enormous power. This was a great gift when I really needed it. I was able to radically love myself, witness myself, and, ultimately heal lifetimes of betrayal.  

    I have counseled and taught countless students and clients I have witnessed first-hand the power of the essences when they are anointed with intention and deep surrender to the magic of supersensible worlds. I have helped many come to love and appreciate their bodies as a holy chalice that holds their spirit. If you can anoint yourself several times a day and send love to your being, you will look younger and feel younger. 


Oils come from plants that ingest sunlight as their nutrition. For example, Frankincense trees are found in desert places that are extremely hot—like Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Sudan. 

These exquisite trees subsist on light and the little water that is stored in the Earth. Frankincense takes in enormous amounts of sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. The resin or teardrops of the trees form a hard pitch which is distilled. Anointing with Frankincense allows the light quota of your being to reach the highest levels.

When you apply oils like this with deep intention, you are drinking in the light of the sun and the light of the earth’s inner sun. Essences fill the spaces between the cells with healthful frequencies that we not have access to on our own. 

The conscious application of oils magnifies the aura—your individual filed of energy. This field expands out from that powerful matrix of empowered energy with the body. 

Book cover art, The Book of Annointing

From the Preface of the newly published “The Book of Anointing – A Divine Rebellious Act of Love”

I come from freed slaves who worked the sugarcane plantations of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Indigenous (Caribe) and African DNA are in my cellular memory, along with strong Corsican blood. I fit in everywhere; and yet, I look distinctly me. 

I come from a land of beans and rice, sofrito, and fried fish, spicy sauces, and rainbow-colored fruits.

I come from the neighborhood in Queens where Latina “sass” was currency.

I come from the “don’t-fuck-with-me attitude,” the legacy of sexual abuse and servitude.

I come from societal message of shame, Catholicism, and patriarchy.

I come from the corporate WASP suburbs of Connecticut. 

I come from the ionized red rocks of the high desert of Arizona.

I come from perpetually seeking financial safety to having financial sovereignty. 

I come from self-exploration that led me to the vast and fertile expanse of spiritual awakening in my inner landscape. 

I come from a loving maternal acceptance of All that I Am.

I come from dance, joy, and raucous laughter.

I come from many deep betrayals that cracked my heart wide open to the Light.

I come from the plants, animals, land, earth, sky, and the cosmic universe.

I come from the sun, the moon, and the stars above that have breathed me into being. 

Every experience has added to who I am today; I know that who I am tomorrow will be a new expression of my true self.

I trust that where I have arrived at this point has something to offer and I have the wisdom to share it.

Being a survivor taught me to radically love myself. The healing of my traumas brought me into my creative powers and it is through these experiences that I have healed myself. There is a gift in abuse if you face the past and the with courage, compassion, and love. Love healed me, love revealed me, and love released me. With love and acceptance of all that has been, I can now serve other and the Earth with the same compassion and love.

I don’t ascribe to any one dogma, philosophy, or scripture. I know that we are all connected to the Source of all Life, and I pray that the depth and breath of my story will bring you to the remembrance of the deep power and divinity within yours.

From deep with the mystery of love, 

Cynthia J. Olivera

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