Radiance Magazine is a free publication available at metaphysical stores, health food stores, vegetarian restaurants, yoga studios, spiritual centers and high-vibration coffee stands throughout Southern California and beyond.

Radiance allows spiritual practitioners, holistic healers and intuitive life coaches to educate and illuminate the spiritually-inclined in holistic healing, wellness, and creating a life you love through a strong mind/body/spirit connection.

Feel free to reach out to the contributors and inquire about their services by phone or email or take their classes online or in person if you feel called to do so. You could find your tribe and begin a great life adventure.

Our History

Radiance began in 2009 by Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt as a part of her Temple of Light spiritual community center. When that closed in 2017, Scott Ware took over the magazine and expanded it from 70 outlets to over 400 and counting. The page count more than doubled, and the number of physical copies increased threefold as of early 2018.

As co-publishers, Scott and Danielle understand the power of the rising spiritual community in Southern California to amplify the voices and teachings of the experienced spiritual practitioners who live here, using their expertise to help us access divine guidance in order to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.


Scott Ware, Editor

Scott believes that striving for wellness as a balance of body, mind and spirit is not a selfish endeavor but a necessary one: when you heal yourself, you heal the world. His mission is to make the latest information readily available, that it’s everyone’s birthright to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.