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Activate Your Life By Shauna Kossoff

Activate Your Life By Shauna Kossoff

Join me Mondays at 7:00pm at Heart Space in Irvine for a by-donation Max Meditation Systems TM; RSVP required. Contact me and mention this article to get a free Consultation and Chakra Balancing. ShaunaKossoff@gmail.Com (951) 440 – 6938.

Feeling sluggish? Lacking clarity on where to go next in life? Ready to get a boost to your Mind, Body, and Spirit? Then a Life Activation would greatly benefit you.

This is offered by a highly trained healer from the Modern Mystery School.

When you walk into the room for the Activation, you can feel the energy shift, and you know something is about to happen. Feeling comfortable you are in good hands, you sit down in a cozy chair and lightly close your eyes.

The healer begins their work. You can immediately feel sensations and tingles all over your body. Some people go gently in and out of consciousness. Once completed, the client will often need to sit for a while to re-adjust. The energy shifts in your body are subtle, but powerful.

What is a Life Activation?

It’s a 22-strand DNA Activation that wakes you up to your own divine calling. It allows your body to hold an increased amount of Light or positive energy. This gives you the potential to fully understand any unrealized talents that may have been hidden within you. When discovered during the session, you have the opportunity to discuss them with the Healer Guide.

Also, during the session, some old emotional patterns might come to the surface. Again, since you are in the presence of a Life Activation Practitioner, then it’s okay to talk about them. The Life Activation helps heal old wounds and emotional scars that may have long been forgotten about. On top of all of this, it helps clear out karma up to seven generations back.

In all, there are a multitude of energy alignments, balances, removals, and even a brief intuitive reading. You are given a one month’s supply of two beneficial elixirs, Purificato and Crystalis. These help assist your body in acclimating to the energies that are newly vibrating and awakening in your body. These elixirs also assist in clearing out any lower vibrational energy. The long-term effects of the Life Activation are increased energy and clarity in all manners of life. The days after there is quite often a gradual new-found sense of peace and direction. This session lasts about two hours, but the effects last a lifetime!


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