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Activating Your Magic within this New World, by Aaron Pyne

Activating Your Magic within this New World, by Aaron Pyne

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    What a wild ride we have found ourselves in! Levels of fear, panic, isolation, uncertainty, and transformation at a global scale never experienced by modern humanity. For those that have been on the path of spiritual discovery, this might feel like the time you’ve been preparing for. For everyone, this global experience is generating wide expanses of feelings. I see this as the great initiation of humanity. Where so much of our previous life has held us in a level of security much like a baby bird growing in a nest. Yet, now humanity as a collective has been pushed out of the nest at the top of the tree, and we must either quickly learn to soar within our own mastery, or rapidly fall to the ground below. 

    You there my friend, are you ready to soar? Within that soaring, is the resonant potential to remind others how to spread their wings….

    We are entering a new reality of possibilities. Thus, you’ll need new and ancient magical tools to master the game board unfolding before you. I’m honored to begin sharing these fundamental keys with you.

Stabilizing the Spectrum of Your Soul

Your soul capacity is massive, galactically massive. Yet, you are currently structured within the human bio-suit which is in the evolutionary process to handle such massive energetic structures within it. It is more crucial than ever to give your physical body connection physically and energetically to the natural life force of the Earth to support your integration of the wide range of energies we are experiencing. Spending regular time in the purest form of nature you have safe access to is highly beneficial. While in it, you play, dance, move and flow with it. Feel and imagine nature and the natural forces flowing through your body. You are a tree, you are the wind, you are the water. Open to receive them into every cell. 

Magic & Ritual

Rituals and forms of magic allow you to consciously transform reality by enacting the deep creative gifts within you. Taking time each day for your own personal empowering ritual and magic allows you to draw forth the mastery of your own sovereign soul powers into this world. There is a wide range of teachings and techniques written here, but ultimately it is an act of your own creation that reflects to you, your most empowered reality. Make your rituals and magic your own artistic masterpiece and allow them to flow through you. Make it sacred, make it fun, make it powerful!

Harness the Magic of Emotions

Most likely within you and around you, you are feeling the greatest charges of fear, seperation, uncertainty, grief, sadness and perhaps for some connection, joy, excitement and all the other emotions. What a gift this is for those who have a heart to handle it. Emotion surges are magical energies within you. When you can hold the greatest fear simultaneously with the greatest joy, you begin to master the magic of emotions. These surges then become fuel for your presence, your creativity, your life. You no longer need to deny emotional surges or flail about like you are drowning. You ride the wave of the emotion and let it bring you more deeply home. They become fuel for your magic.

These are fundamental steps to assist your mastery in these unprecedented times. I am here with you, observing in reverence and awe as you learn to soar. 

For more extensive support and further magical training, I am available to be your guide. You can reach out to me and learn more at

Aaron Pyne is a mystic, healer, teacher, TEDx speaker, artist, designer, and multi-dimensional guide prepared to assist your mastery.

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