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How can an Akashic Reading & Healing Session help you create a new life?

How can an Akashic Reading & Healing Session help you create a new life?

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In an Akashic Session, I will assist you to discover your Soul’s Plan and Purpose. 

  • Do you feel like you are at a crossroads in your life? Ready to gain clarity?
  • Time to stop struggling with money? 
  • Do you wonder if you’re on your soul path or what your purpose might be?
  • Are you ready to find true love or wanting to improve your existing relationship?

Through the Akashic Records, you will receive soul guidance from your Akashic Masters in order to help you move forward with certainty.

Did you know that before you were born, your Soul made a plan?

It’s like writing out a life plan, where you included the contracts with people you want to be with and support and those people who will help you grow as a soul and complete old karmic patterns. You also planned the gifts and talents you wanted to use in your life and we often think of them as our “soul purpose.” We often plan health challenges, and situations to help us evolve and awaken. In your Akashic Record, I can help you heal the emotional pain, trauma, and challenges from past lives and this life, which include Karma, old Contracts, and Vows. You deserve to have clarity on your path in this lifetime.

Here are a few of the subjects you may wish to work on in your Akashic Healing session:

MONEY/FINANCES/ABUNDANCE: Your Soul is the energy of abundance and wants you to experience prosperity in your life. You may be carrying ancestral patterns of lack or past life vows of poverty. It is time to clear these patterns and create a life of abundance and joy!

WORK/CAREER/PURPOSE: Do you wonder what your soul purpose is? It’s time to understand the gifts and talents you came to share so you can feel in absolute alignment with your purpose.  

ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS: If you’re ready to attract a soul partner, we will look at the Soul Contract you’ve written for significant partners. 

FRIENDSHIPS/FAMILY: Do you wonder why you picked your birth family? We will look into your soul Contracts and Karma you have with your family and heal the emotional pain. 

Lisa Barnett is the International Bestselling Author of two books about the Akashic Records. She brings 20 years of Akashic counseling and energetic healing to her clients & students. She is the Founder of Akashic Knowing School where she teaches students worldwide to access their personal soul guidance and wisdom.

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