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An Awakener’s Dream

An Awakener’s Dream

Channeled through Alicia McNaughton

Alicia McNaughton (714)625-5457 for sessions. Tuesdays –Saturdays 11:00am-6:00 pm at Asana Fit 102 S. Ola Vista St. San Clemente, Ca

One session is $225 but with this add you will receive a $20 off one time use discount when you mention this ad. Call or email at

As I offer my lineage to the Earth, the “I am consciousness” returns through you. Each one of us is a remembrance of the divine incarnate in youthful preserved human form to old aching awareness ready to move on with its spiritual evolution. As the “I am that I am” returns through your vessel. A light goes on that says I am ready to see, really see and know my own truth today as it is whispered through the eyes of the sacred. Owning its kiss with the other side. That truth that this is a complete nanosecond to the opposite end of time and space. Our programmed response is to sit and breathe out that construct for it is too much to think about. But what if you could have a glimpse. Would it be possible to know myself that way? Yes it is. An Awakener is a healthy way to regress through the psyche into ancient life unknown to you now. Through DNA activation and another way entirely to heal, known as light body activations. They are instilled inside a code or frequency that is more in line with the original you. The one before all the chaos of human lives and afterlives of insecure outcomes caused you to do things that you will regret. An opening is made through the tree of life, generated by the same injury you began having inside of your blood relative’s gene codes. You will outgrow the genes you are no longer in alignment with and remember your truest self. The Higher Self will operate from an Awakened state. Being conscious of a returning of the energy of old for it to remember itself, transmute and heal, awaken if you will. Namaste ~Ashra

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