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Angelic Music in the Spiritual Renaissance, by Julian Forest

Angelic Music in the Spiritual Renaissance, by Julian Forest

Photo art created by Julian’s dear friend, Charles Gilchrist

The music of the spheres is very real…

Having personally made the ascents to the celestial planes, and learned to control and self-guide journeys in the super-celestial realms at will, I learned that if we genuinely choose, then we are in fact bridges from the celestial planes to the earth.

You don’t have to do it perfectly; genuine intent and efforts, keep at them, and ascend regardless. Option: embrace a cosmology where the universe is a musical symphony! Farsighted Egyptian visionaries thought in terms of eternity, made vast efforts to transmit the essence of spiritual renaissance across ages.

The knowing golden chain gives a thank you nod…

Pythagoras (Egyptian-taught emissary to the world) is perhaps the most influential person in world history regarding underlying phenomena. Delve far into Pythagoreanism and you may see ancient Egypt emblazoned before you in celestial grandeur…

The keepers of the golden chain enter into a holographic timeweaving, thanking people from the “past” doing things for the “present” and “future.” The knowing golden chain gives a thank you nod…

A super formative phase in my life: I was a book collector, deeply hermetic, studying everything and finally discovering how to bring the celestial music from the heaven worlds to earth…

It’s then I most confronted the harshness of human history, looked directly at its horrors. I asked what creates renaissances instead of a dark age? I found a profound formula.

Renaissances are created… that’s right! They are made… by visionaries…

The Italian renaissance, the temple building of India, the time of the Alexandrian library, time of Pythagoras/Plato and the highest points of ancient Egypt all share an esoteric component. Let’s call it “the true holographic-harmonic-sacred geometry canon,” an all-encompassing way of understanding that treats “the all” based on harmonics.

Renaissances are created by visionaries. Especially spiritual renaissances. More than anytime in recorded history we all have the most opportunities to be those visionaries.

The Spiritual Renaissance is all around us.

The more we create at the front of our consciousness-awareness, it’s already happening, and further wish to see more, we can continually make spiritual/cultural offerings available with no dogma for everyone who wants access.

The Spiritual Renaissance is here.

The bridges between celestial planes and earth are ever-present.

The divine love for all beings plants the seeds for a golden age.

“Julian’s beautiful angelic music touches your heart to lift your spirit to a higher level, bringing the heavens and the earth together to make a change in our universe and to bring back the golden renaissance now.”
– Andrea Gilmore Banderas

Julian Forest is well known as “the celestial musician” and is one of the primary architects of the planetary spiritual renaissance. Drawing on direct experiences with the super-celestial realms, Julian is an ultra-rare combination of mysticism and multiple disciplines.

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  1. 3 months ago

    Celestial Awareness and Primordial Sound Healer, Julian Forest in all totality embraces His own extremely unique purpose. Julian embraces planetary and cosmic healing as His Sounds echo into Eternity with a fully awakened consciousness. Spheres of communion reminding All there is no separation of all things but only Unity of One in the Divine Continuum… & sacred blessings..for His devotion to His Works..