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Angels of Mother Earth

Angels of Mother Earth

An Intense Calling

by Michele Amburgey

The slant of the sun reminds me that the year is winding down. When the evenings are cooler, I tend to reconnect to the spirit of Mother Earth. She shares her beautiful, shifting light and colors in a dramatic way and I find myself going within. The deepening is a comfort to my soul. I relax into it with a sigh and a smile.

I begin to slide into a meditative state and feel a sweet but powerful presence come in.  In my mind’s eye, I see deep golden-brown eyes and a sparkling golden light. Archangel Sandalphon has come to share his wisdom.

“Your Mother calls to you, sweet one. She is in need of the light of the Ancient Ones.”

A shock of energy shoots through my body. I open my eyes. I hear his gentle laugh. He says, “You are getting quite attuned and sensitive to the energies, this is good. Thank you. I wish to bring messages from Mother Earth to you today.” I am receptive to serve.

“There are many who are being called to reconnect to the Mother.  The rising feminine tide cannot be stopped and this is a blessing to all beings in your universal family.

“I wish to speak to those who are feeling the call to the ancient wisdom of the Mother but are holding back. I am reaching out to those who are waiting for something more to propel them forward.  I tell you, Beloveds, that the time is now.  It is an all-hands-on-deck call to action. You’ve been called for a long time now.  Please answer.

“You are not required to take big action. You are not to do this on your own.  And this isn’t always an action to be taken outside of your own beingness. Some of this is about going into your inner world, your sacred space, to know yourself again.

“Mother calls from the deep places of the womb. And your response from your own sacred space within is where the connection is made. Mother Earth calls out to the Ancient Ones who have chosen to come here at this time to evolve an entire Universe. And she is the center of this evolution this time. It has not always been this way; other planets have been the epicenter of evolution in the past. This is the Earth Mother’s turn to birth a new world. She cannot do it without those who are here to be a part of the grand Divine Plan.”

I feel the immensity of Sandalphon’s words, and a little fear creeping in, not of what is happening, but of my inability to hold my space in this calling.

Sandalphon becomes silent but deeply present. He allows me to feel this energy of fear and doubt.

Then he says, “Yes, this is the feeling, the energy, that so many of you who are here to bring the light and wisdom are feeling. There is so much fear and doubt. But those of you who are hearing the call must know you are all strong enough to cast off this illusion of fear and doubt and move forward with courage. Gather the women, the grandmothers and the children. Teach them to remember who they are. Teach them to connect with Mother Earth. Teach them to connect to the light grids that surround the Earth and the crystal grids within the earth. Connect these matrixes of energy with the feminine power.

“Mother is calling to each of you who know this technology.  Those of you who lived through Lemuria and Atlantis are here to bring the light back into power. Start by connecting to your own power.  Start by connecting to the Divine Mother Earth.  Start by remembering who you are.”

“And then shine, Beloved Ones.  Your time has come.”

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