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Anyone Can Instantly Access Their Psychic Powers

(Why Wait Any Longer?)

To find out about setting up quick access to your own direct connection, call Sharifah Hardie at 562-822-0965 or visit Sharifah offers private readings and classes.

Sharifah Hardie’s specialty is showing her clients how to instantly access their own psychic abilities, which, she says, we all have. She, herself, is an intuitive reader, tarot instructor and spiritual advisor who knows we can all have conversations with God and be trained to receive the answers we seek in minutes, not years. —Editor

You’ve said that most people aren’t aware of the powerful abilities they have, that those abilities lie dormant and untapped. Yes, which is why I teach people how to instantly access those powers. People have been taught to believe only certain people are psychic or they must spend a lifetime sitting on a pillow in order to be psychic or, if they don’t light a candle in a certain way, nothing will happen.

What’s wrong with those beliefs? Those beliefs make our natural psychic abilities seem like a woo-woo, eerie kind of thing and that’s absolutely not true. God is an immediate God. He speaks his word and creates by simply saying, “Be,” and it is. God doesn’t say “Be” then it percolates and marinades for five years. That’s the gift of manifestation we all have. I help people access their God-given abilities to manifest the changes they want to see in their lives, and I train people to help others manifest as well.

What’s the first thing you do to help people tap into their psychic abilities? First, I let everyone know they absolutely do have psychic abilities. If their intent is pure, there is no way they can do it wrong. It does take time and practice to develop psychic abilities but the information you seek is easily accessible if you know how to tap into it.

What is your main teaching technique? To eliminate the belief we are absent or separate from God, to have people truly believe God loves you. God put each and every one of us here because of his love for us. I simply teach people how to talk to God through readings to access the knowledge God and the Angels want to reveal to us. I am literally opening communication with God for them, kind of like a telephone operator, until people realize they can call direct.

How does that work? If you’ve ever read A Course in Miracles, it makes it clear it’s about your intent. If you think about a mother whose child is trapped under a car, the Universe, God, everything is going to move on her behalf to help lift that car off her child, if she asks. It’s a pure, immediate request. The ability to lift that car is based on her sincere need at that moment. Now, if she tries to lift that car tomorrow, it’s not going to move because the intent and need have changed. This is the energy we tap into with our readings.

So it has to do with intent and immediacy to get the instant response? Most problems can be solved (snaps her fingers) just like that. If you’ve been going to your therapist for five years or 10 years and there aren’t any improvements in your life, why continue to go? If you took your car to a mechanic, and it took them five years to fix your car would you continue to take your car to that mechanic? No. That would be ridiculous.

But that’s what we do with our spirituality. We might continue to go back to the same person week after week, year after year and aside from a few “psychic hits” our lives are still exactly the same. The point of intuitive reading is to provide the querent (the one who seeks) with information they can use to change their lives instantly, positively and permanently.

Do you prefer doing the intuitive readings for people or do you prefer teaching people how to read energy? I absolutely love reading for people. I love when I can tap into information someone needed to hear at that exact moment and their lives are changed for the better. However, I want people to understand that the energy I am tapping into is the same energy they can tap into. There’s nothing special or unique about me.

How can people use this ability more than just personally? Learning how to read is a useful tool people can use to better their lives and the lives of the people around them. Reading can even be a way for them to start their own business. As a business consultant, I know that to boost the economy you have to create jobs. Small businesses are what run the economy and, to get those jobs flourishing, you need to create resources to feed the people. “Full people don’t steal.”

You don’t believe that information takes a long time to receive? Absolutely not. You do not have to wait. When you need a message, God is going to deliver that message. It would be an unfair God to not answer a question you ask. Someway, somehow, he’s going to deliver that message to you. God doesn’t deliver messages only on Sundays between 8 and 10 a.m. If you say, “Lord, I need your help,” he’s going to answer you. Why would he not?

People might have a hard time believing they have access to this much power that quickly, but you seem to have a way of assisting them in achieving this shift. I’ve been a trainer for a long time and I’m one of those “get in the pool and stop trying to just stick your toe in the water,” hands-on kind of people. People are going to get in the pool when they work with me! When people use the actual techniques I give, by the time they finish the class, they will have made a dramatic shift in their ability to receive clear messages from God and the Angels and read other people.

How do you feel about the “seeing the future” aspect of being psychic? My focus is on lifting the veil of secrecy that surrounds being a psychic in general but specifically in terms of seeing the future. The future is not written! There are points in the future that will happen, that’s destiny. But there are so many other areas we can easily change or correct. We were blessed with free will.

When I read someone, I’m not reading their future. Reading people is more like a GPS system. A GPS doesn’t tell you what the future holds. Based on where you are right now on your current path, it tells you how far away your destination is and when you will most likely arrive.

I can tell you that your destination is 20 minutes and 15 miles away. But arriving at that destination sometime in the future is based on the decisions we make between where we are and our destination. There could be a lot of traffic. You could receive a phone call that makes you go a different direction or you could simply utilize your free will and decide not to go at all. Reading people is the same thing. I can tell you based on where you are right now what you need to know to get where you want to go in the most expedient manner possible but at the end of the day you could simply choose a different future.

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