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Are You Ready To Be Supernatural?

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s New Book Takes Us On An Adventure to Unlock the Code by Jen Pearlman

Jen Pearlman is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Empowerment Coach, and Writer who specializes in helping women and men create lives that are meaningful and balanced. Visit her website at:

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an internationally recognized scientist, lecturer, and educator with a rare gift for breaking down complex scientific concepts to explain how we can break from our past and create a meaningful future.

In his latest book “Becoming Supernatural,” he builds upon his previous work of how to release toxic emotions that keep us trapped in subconscious programming. He breaks down the science of how living in a stress-driven world can trap us in survival mode and how, over time, we create a life of dysfunction and disease.

To get beyond our cycle, he educates us that it’s more than “thinking good thoughts.” If we want to really create change, he stresses, we have to shift our energy. First, he explains how and why our bodies create chemicals that create certain emotions when triggered. Knowing this enlighten us on how your body works and how we can break behaviors to truly create something new, especially if we’ve had difficulty adopting new habits.

Next he explains the body’s energy fields, energy points, why energy gets trapped in our bodies, and effective techniques to release that energy so we can go from being energy “suckers” to energy “creators.” If you’re an energy worker, you’ll appreciate his straight-forward approach in explaining what could be considered an esoteric subject. An added bonus is the data he offers where he’s measured his patients’ energy fields before and after using his techniques showing visible proof that his clients’ energy fields were indeed changed.

What makes this book truly cutting-edge is Dispenza’s willingness to discuss the mystical aspects of his work. He presents his own personal visions that he’s experienced through meditating and accessing the Quantum Field. Since what we experience by accessing the Quantum Field is known only to the individual (and not measurable by anything other than what we experience), he asks us to take a leap of faith. To prime us for this experience, he offers clear explanations of Quantum Physics and why it’s possible to create anything we want. When we understand the science and its potentiality to create anything and be anything, we can no longer see our self as ordinary. You’ll understand the concepts of what it means to be pure consciousness, that you’re beyond a body – you are pure energy – and from that form, creating anything is possible.

Most inspiring to me about Joe Dispenza’s book is his emphasis on living through the heart and accessing its full potential where we can live a life of joy, peace, and ultimate well-being. If you need more convincing, Dispenza peppers real life “Supernatural” stories throughout the book of incredible breakthroughs his patients have received. For me, this book has validated what I’ve known as a meditation practitioner, and an intuitive energy healer. Being able to have a reference like this that I can hand to clients who need encouragement or more education makes this a “must have” book and from that end, I highly recommend it.

After reading this book, we can no longer see ourselves as ordinary. We now understand that we are beyond a body—we are pure energy