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Instead of Ascending, Evolve – English Translation

Instead of Ascending, Evolve – English Translation

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Have you ever met someone who remembers the conception of the Universe? Matias De Stefano seems to have been born with his pre-incarnation memories intact and brings together faith and science, the spiritual and the physical to address life’s biggest mysteries in a new show on called “Initiation.” One fan said, “Thank you, Matias, now I understand many things that I have only vaguely grasped at the edge of my dreams.” 

In South America they don’t ascend, they go to the core of the planet. It’s totally opposite. You have to be bound to the roots of the world in order to become enlightened

Some people who understand that we live many lives have said, “I’m tired in this life. I’ve done it all, and I’m ready for this to be my last life on the reincarnation spiral.” What would you say to those people? Oh, prepare to live another one. (laughs) At least one more, yeah. When you’re ready to go to into another level of consciousness, it’s because you are not tired. You are not able to get to the fifth dimension unless you enjoy every atom of the third dimension. Until you get full of the joy of living… it’s like St. Francis. He used to see the light in the dirt. When you can see the perfection of this third dimension, and you enjoy every little part, you are enjoying the creation, and that’s what allows you to get into the fifth dimension. 

Is it a good goal to transcend 3D into 5D living, or should we just enjoy as much of the third dimension at the highest vibration possible? Whoever took it as a goal… they didn’t get the Universe. The Universe is not capitalism. (laughs) The fifth dimension did not become the boss of the company. It’s not something you work for. It’s something you become. To become the fifth dimension, you have to transform yourself. Not to achieve things, but to evolve. 

There’s a big idea about ascension. The thing about ascension is it’s an idea from Europe and the west that in order to become closer to God, you have to become king, or a priest. So, you have to ascend in the levels of society. But if go to South America, and native America, they don’t ascend, they go to the core of the planet. It’s totally opposite. You have to be bound to the roots of the world in order to become enlightened.

What you’re saying is we should all become more like St. Francis! Well, a little more clean? (laughs) 

What’s a good spiritual practice in general? Do exactly what you feel in your body at any time. We are all different. For example: animals and plants don’t have a practice. But they work perfectly because they are who they’re meant to be every second. The problem with us is we are waiting for someone to tell us what to do every second. That’s why they’re a mess.

Because we give up our power to people! Yes. What I would say is observe what the dog, cat or tree does. Does the cat sleep all day? Why? You may think the cat doesn’t care about anything, but when you are sad, the cat knows where in the body there’s a problem and puts its body over the part of the body that is wrong with you and sleeps there. And when you’re better, they go away. They know 100% what they are doing in every moment. We don’t. We lost our connection within.

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