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Falling through the cracks of life

Shelly J. Miller is a professional Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Medium and Transformational Coach known for accessing detailed information to help you release limiting patterns to effect healing and lasting change. Send questions to [email protected]. To book a private reading or coaching session, call (949) 237-2960 or go to

Dear Shelly: I’m 65, not working, no pension or retirement, little savings and looking for something I would be happy to wake up to. I have no family and no significant other. I had a perfect situation that fell through, and sometimes I feel like I’m falling through the cracks. What should I do?


Dear Lost In Transition: It feels to me that you have a beautiful heart and that you love people, and what would get you up in the morning is a desire to serve. You have a gift in being able to hear other people’s hearts, and what they do not say. Your best fit for both financial and emotional support would be to find employment where you’re working to support people. It doesn’t feel to me like social work with a government agency where you would get bogged down with red tape and unable to make progress. It feels like case work, and here’s how you find it. Sit down and get still and make a list of five things that you’re moved by and that inspire you. Then Google foundations and agencies that correspond to your desires, like helping young people, for instance. I do see you assisting a young couple in their early 30’s. I don’t feel it’s Planned Parenthood but some agency that helps young people starting out in their lives. Ask Holy Spirit to tell you where you are needed and to direct you for your Highest Good, and then pay attention where you’re guided to go each day. Make a list each night of what had transpired toward your goal.  You will see a plan unfolding. I am specifically getting for you to write down five things that move and inspire you because you will see both a professional and a personal link coming from those five things. Get specific and feel what your heart is saying to you as an active part of this revelatory process.  I am excited for you and those who will be on the receiving end of your kindness, spunk, and generosity.  You won’t be Lost in Transition for long, as I am seeing a “6” and feel you will be employed with things having fallen into place within six weeks.

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