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Astral Travel

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Shauna Kossoff is a Certified Guide with The Modern Mystery School who, over the past 13 years, has supported people in coming to Know Thyself. Under its founder, Dr. Gudni Gudnason, it is in the lineage of King Solomon and the only open School of the Seven Great Lineages. Shauna can be reached at 951 440-6938. Join us for a FREE Max Meditation System TM Mondays at 7:00pm in Irvine! Contact me for details.

Shauna Kossoff is the President of the Irvine Holistic Chamber of Commerce as well as a spiritual guide and co-founder of Mysterium Center, an affiliate of The Modern Mystery School, which teaches ancient wisdom based on compassion that still applies in modern times.

You’re very experienced with astral travel, which you teach at The Modern Mystery School. What benefits do people get from this? Astral travel allows you to explore the world and the whole universe from the comfort of your own home. It allows you to experience God/Spirit on a level that’s far more real. It can be wonderful in helping you move through the fear of what happens after this life, what it means to be separated from your body. It’s not like you just shoot out of your body from the get-go. You learn techniques that help you get better and better at it. You can get to the point where you are physically touching other beings as you interact with them.

What if people are unsure they can do it? It’s a method that has guaranteed and proven results. You will get the support you need to achieve these results when you go through the exercises and practice at home to help you refine your ability to focus. You will travel.

What’s happened while you’ve astral travelled? Whenever I astral travel, I feel that total sense of oneness. That sense of knowing that there’s more, that certainty. So I don’t have to just rely on faith. I’ve experienced what it’s like to be outside of the body, to be more than this physical being. It feels like truly touching and connecting on every level of my being, in every sense, to Spirit, to God.

Any recent personal experiences? With regards to my current pregnancy, I’ve had some very profound experiences connecting with my baby, which has been my focus for the last couple of years, trying to get pregnant to bring the baby in.

Before you even conceived the baby? Oh yes, definitely. I mean, talking to the baby. I’ve even received a name. I’m receiving information about who the baby is going to be and the baby’s interests. How I can support the baby. There’s talk about the baby having a warrior energy. It’s been a very profound experience.

What other areas does The Modern Mystery School delve into? I personally have shamanic training through the Mystery School. I have Wiccan training, Priestess training, Ritual Master Training, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel and Channeling. You might want to take a Dragon Magick class and Elven Faerie Magick. The Modern Mystery School really runs the gamut as far as what they teach. It’s about working with people who say, “My life is good, but I’ve always known there’s more. I’ve always known I’m here to live an extraordinary life, to have a major impact.”

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