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What Does it Mean to be Authentically Empowered?  By Donna Bond, M.A. ©

What Does it Mean to be Authentically Empowered? By Donna Bond, M.A. ©

Transformation Consultant and Life Coach Donna Bond, M.A. offers inspiring workshops and coaching programs. A graduate of USM with a MA in Spiritual Psychology, Donna’s work guides transformational journeys helping you live into your full potential from the inside out. Visit

Most of us learned to derive our self-esteem, worth and value from things outside of ourselves. This behavior manifests as constant striving, achieving and pleasing. Our unconscious way of earning accolades, praise, respect – and even love. When the achievement is realized in whatever form, the individual feels good for a few minutes because they are acknowledged for something they accomplished or attained.

This cycle, however, sets up an interesting dynamic. First, it perpetuates endless “doing” – do, do, do, do. Going, achieving, accomplishing, doing. Exhausting isn’t it? Secondly, it reinforces the false belief that our self-worth (value, if you will) is based only on what we do. So we’re soon on to the next thing. And the next and the next and the next. It’s a negative loop.

The way out, is the way in. 

Authentic empowerment is derived from the revelation that you are first a Spiritual Being having a human experience. You imbued yourself with the highest value possible by choosing to incarnate. Nothing you can do or accomplish is greater than your simply being alive on this planet. 

This realization is further established by creating a stronger connection to the spiritual aspect of yourself. By integrating your Higher Self with your human self, you allow your spiritual essence to BE the expression of you. No doing is required. 

Each time your spiritual essence invites you to express, you’re given a choice to allow that inspired idea, deep longing or a genuine desire in your heart to be expressed for the mere joy of being your Authentic Self – or do you do something else with the goal of outer attainment and recognition?

Responding to that choice requires you to step beyond what you’ve known, beyond the threshold of your comfort zone and into the to expression of who you really are – for you. 

Practicing this (albeit scary) approach is like building a muscle. The more you practice it, the more you build an inner reliance. The result is the development of inner esteem. True esteem is always derived from inside of you rather than outside of you. And, it’s the foundation to authentic empowerment.

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