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Awakening to the Call of Time

Awakening to the Call of Time

Excerpts of BK Sister Shivani’s Sharings on “Awakening to the Call of Time” during her East Coast Tour, in July 2017.

Our world is in a pivotal time of transition. Time is calling us to sow and nurture the seeds of truth, peace, happiness and harmony at the deepest levels within ourselves, so a new tree, built on solid and deep foundation of love and respect can grow strong roots and flourish, first within and then around us.

Many aspects of how our inner evolution affecting our outer world, will be taken up by World Renown speaker BK Sister Shivani. BK Sister Shivani has been a practitioner of Raja yoga Meditation of the Brahma Kumaris for over 20 years. With a background in engineering, her ability to analyze deep-rooted emotions like ego, stress, anger and fear, is empowering people to take personal responsibility of their thoughts and their practical lives especially in the field of relationships. She has been sharing spiritual concepts worldwide on the TV program ‘Awakening With Brahma Kumaris’, for over 10 years and has over 33 millions viewers.  She has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador by the World Psychiatric Association.

  • Meditation means knowing myself, knowing my strengths.  If I do not know my qualities, I will not be able to use them.  If I do not know my weaknesses, I will not be able to change them.  So first step of meditation is getting to know myself.
  • If I cannot see you, I may not understand you.  If I do not understand you, I might misunderstand you and that misunderstanding is neither my fault nor your fault.  It is because it was dark and the light was missing.  Spirituality is the light of knowledge. With one switch, everything will change and then there is awakening.
  • The thoughts that I create will influence how I am feeling. Every thought that I create is radiating into my body, affecting my health. Every thought I create will also get radiated to the person I am thinking about, therefore creating my relationships.
  • Call of Time probes: “What is the need of the hour now?” It could be different for different people. So take a moment of silence and ask yourself one question, “For me, if there is one thing I could change, what is the priority?”


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