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Conversation with Bashar’s Channel, Darryl Anka

Conversation with Bashar’s Channel, Darryl Anka

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A lot of people don’t have a perspective of themselves that allows them to operate as they truly are.

For years, Darryl Anka has been channeling the expansive wisdom of a multidimensional being named Bashar. 

Not only are we in regular contact with multidimensional beings (aliens, ETs, etc.), but some are delivering information that is very empowering to humans through “channels” like Darryl Anka, who had been bringing forth the wisdom of Bashar for over 30 years. He insists that channeling is something we all do whenever we’re in the zone and time becomes irrelevant. For more of this enlivening conversation, go to for the full video interview.

Are you pretty much in alignment with what Bashar believes, or is there anything he believes that you do not? No, not in terms of the basic principles. After doing this so long, I’ve come to understand what these principles are all about, I’ve had the chance to apply them and get the effect from them, so I understand the physics of what he’s saying at this point. 

Bashar has said that it’s actually very simple to create the life you want. If that’s so, why are so few people doing it? I think we have a lot of things to unlearn. We’re brought up thinking reality’s a certain thing that you’re to approach in a certain way, we have certain belief systems that get in our way, and a lot of people don’t have a perspective of themselves that allows them to operate as they truly are. They’re trying to live up to other people’s expectations, both in family, in work and society, so I think most of the information Bashar is sharing is about helping people get out of their own way so they can deconstruct who they think they are so they can experience who they really have been created to be. 

When Bashar chose you to be a channel, was there a concern you would become a guru or a worshipped figure? I know that is always something to think about. Bashar—and me, both—take care to make sure people do not do that, because it’s really not about the messenger, it’s about the message. Also, I have my own life to live… and I want to follow my passion as Bashar suggests everyone does… so I do not want to be in a position where I’m put up on a pedestal—it would not work for my life, just to be who I am. Bashar has always been very clear that they want to remain in the background, they want the information to be up front. They don’t want followers in any way, shape or form. They are suggesting people can become active participants in their own life. They can be their own best guides. He says he is doing this to put himself out of a job. Using these principles, they don’t need to go talk to him, they can answer their own questions. 

Excerpt from a Bashar event:

“When you can sit down in a meditative or relaxed state, simply ask, ‘What is my favorite frequency?Hit yourself with that frequency, just that frequency. Bathe in it, immerse in it, love it, roll around in it, lick it up, drink it in, be in that frequency. Play with that. See what that does toward allowing you to choose to be the person in your imagination you prefer to be…”

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