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Be Your Own Bank

And Get Your Money Flowing Back to You

Ben Savill obtained his law and master’s degrees at the world-renowned London School of Economics. He spent 10 years as a criminal defense investigator before becoming a licensed life insurance agent (CA Insurance License #0F00056). He now devotes his time to educating healers and changemakers about money and banking. Contact Ben to learn more about becoming your own bank. He can be reached at:

One of the greatest tragedies in the world today is that we are failing to harness 95% of human potential, creativity and radiance because most people are in an almost constant struggle to make ends meet, get out of debt and accumulate wealth for their retirement.

This puts people into a survival and scarcity mindset. Fearing they’ll never have enough, people with this mindset get caught up in chasing money, thinking about what they can get from other people rather than focusing on creating value for others. This can prevent people from ever finding and pursuing their true purpose.

Since moving to Orange County from England in 2004, I’ve been on a mission to discover practical financial strategies that can help liberate people to achieve their highest potential. I’ve researched all types of investment ideas and money-making ventures. As a criminal defense investigator for 10 years, I was involved in investigating multimillion dollar frauds.

When my chiropractor told me about a program for dramatically boosting one’s wealth by redirecting one’s borrowing and spending through one’s own “bank,” I was skeptical. It took me two years of reading and researching before I finally opened my first personal bank. I now have two banks; my wife has one and even my 10-year-old daughter has one, which she will use to finance her college education when the time comes.

This strategy has been quietly used by some of the richest families and businesses in America for decades. It’s rooted in the idea that the easiest way to grow our wealth is not by making more money but by keeping more of what we already make.

“The quickest, simplest and most effective way

to change the flow of money in our lives

and, thus, transform our mindset and

our relationship with money

is to create our own bank.”

Money is a form of energy and energy needs to flow in order to work its magic. The banks understand this. They are in the business of moving money. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t store our deposits in vaults or use them to buy assets. Instead, they lend our money out, recapture it and lend it out again—while paying us a minimal rate of interest.

We’ve been “persuaded” to let our money sit in banks, investment funds or assets that often generate little or no cash flow. If we are to truly grow our wealth, we need to learn from the banks.

We need to change our mindset from one of allowing money to sit to one of keeping money in motion. And we need to change the direction of the flow of our money so that it keeps flowing back to us rather than flowing away from us, never to return.

The quickest, simplest and most effective way to change the flow of money in our lives and, thus, transform our mindset and our relationship with money is to create our own bank.

Instead of borrowing from another bank or lender to finance personal, household or business expenditures and paying them the interest, we can borrow from our own bank, pay ourselves interest, recapture our money and put it to work again.

The most efficient vehicle for doing this is a specially engineered form of dividend-paying permanent life insurance, in which we de-emphasize the death benefit, maximize the cash-value component and super-charge the growth of that cash value.

When most people think of life insurance, they think of something that only provides a benefit when someone dies. But the right kind of life insurance policy, properly designed, built and operated, can provide enormous lifetime benefits.

The key to this is the “guaranteed policy loan provision.” That means the insurance company will give us a loan up to the value of the cash in our policy—anytime we want it and with no questions asked. The cash in our policy becomes our “bank.”

We can borrow money from the company and use it to pay for things like cars, car repairs, vacations and unreimbursed health care expenses. We can use it to make investments or lend to our business or even to pay for regular monthly expenses, even if we put those expenses on credit cards. And we can use it to lend money to a trusted friend or family member; for example, an adult child to pay for college.

“The money we put in our own bank keeps growing

regardless of what happens in the markets.”

What makes this so unique and powerful is that this type of life insurance policy loan is not a loan from our policy but a loan against our policy. This is a crucial distinction.

It means that the money we put in our own bank never actually leaves our bank. It keeps growing at a contractually guaranteed rate, year after year, regardless of what happens in the markets, thus benefiting from the power of compound interest. At the same time, we can keep money flowing by being able to borrow against our continuous deposits and that ever-growing cash value.

This type of banking vehicle has been called the holy grail of finance—a vehicle that relentlessly compounds our money and, at the same time, lets us access our money without interrupting the compounding process. This is the type of win-win financial program few people even know exists.

By using policy loans to finance our expenses and investments, we can create a positive cash flow that’s potentially worth millions of dollars over our lifetime. Meanwhile, the guaranteed, compounding growth of our cash-value from our continuous deposits can create a large tax-free nest egg for our retirement and the death benefit can create a multigenerational legacy.

“We are all in the banking business already—

we’re just on the wrong end of it.”

Just think about how much money has passed, and will pass, through your hands over your lifetime. Now imagine how different your life would be if you could redirect that money through your own bank.

We are all in the banking business already—we’re just on the wrong end of it. It’s time to change the banker and change our lives.

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  1. 1 year ago

    Rad picture, Daddyo! Just read your letter to a feedback invite, OC functionary. Your son is now 14? It’s very responsible for you to worry about his housing situation after your death. My parents never faced up to it. Well, my Mother did, right at the end. But my father just could not, and would not see the reality and level of toxicity of sibling rivalry. He looked at life through rose tinted spectacles; and so, did nothing. In my experience, I would say: If security measures are not written down in a legally binding form, then no protection exists. Good will and good intentions mean nothing in the eyes of the law. It’s a cruel world – especially for the disabled.

    As for this article, I didn’t understand what you were discussing; and you haven’t explained it to me.