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Become Your Own Beacon of Light, by Gosia Lorenz

Become Your Own Beacon of Light, by Gosia Lorenz

Gosia Lorenz

If you are looking to change your reality, let Gosia Lorenz inspire you. She is a transformative coach, consciousness facilitator, healer, divorce mediator, public speaker, and published author. Clients hire her to expand what is possible for them, eliminate energetic blocks, clear entities, overcome limitations, release painful past, and raise their vibrations. For more information, visit or call 949-315-9260. For divorce mediation, visit

    We are multidimensional, infinite beings having an earthly experience, becoming more aware of oneness and quickly ascending to higher vibrations. We are releasing old energies at an accelerated rate and the process is not always comfortable. If you choose so, you can assist in this process to feel more present and grounded.

    Here are a few steps that I use when working with clients and on myself. 

    First: check whether you’re being is inside your body. You would be surprised how often that’s not the case. When you feel disoriented, confused, drop things, trip, or feel weak, you might not be in your body. 

    The “sway test” is the easiest way to find out. After you ask a question: “Am I in my body?” Your body will lean forward for a “yes” and backwards for a “no.” If you are not in your body, pull yourself back in.

    Next, shift attention to your heart. It has a bigger electromagnetic field than your brain or physical body does and has its own consciousness and wisdom. What I find is that most people carry so much in their hearts that they don’t know how light and open it can become. That’s the most common feedback I receive after a session or a class.

    I also check for heavy feelings, emotions, darkness. Just observing those energies with no judgement or resistance, changes them. If they are not moving, I ask questions to receive more information and awarenesses like: 

  • Am I still connected to someone through my heart? 
  • Is someone connected to me? 
  • Do I have any cords? 
  • Am I carrying someone else’s heart? 
  • Did someone steal my heart? Break my heart? Did I? 
  • Did I build a heart wall around it because I don’t want to feel anymore? 
  • Did I encapsulate painful events or feelings that have to be released? 
  • Am I still storing trauma from this lifetime or another? 

    We can perceive feelings, thoughts, and emotions of other people. We feel them as if they were ours. So, I often ask: “Is this mine?” For all unwanted energies and vibrations, I return them to sender or dissipate and release them. 

    Another aspect of energetic clarity is the presence of entities. I often perceive disembodied beings or demons residing in the body. Clearing them usually has a positive impact. For me, ideally there is one being in one body, which is often not the case.

    Afterwards, when your heart feels more clear and open, visualize a bright, diamond light emanating from it, bathing your whole body. Send a ray of this energy down through your root and feet chakras and connect with the crystalline energies of the Earth. Bring them back up to your heart. Then send another ray through your crown chakra to the Source energy above by finding a space of bright light. Bring it down back to your heart. Expand those united energies of Heaven and Earth beyond your heart and body. 

    These tools will help you remember Who You Are and become the beacon of light you came here to be. You are a gift to the world that cannot stay hidden anymore. 

    These tools will help you remember Who You Are.

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