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If you would like to get more in tune with your body and feel better about your life, please contact me at 949-315-9260. I wish you infinite happiness and lifelong joy with your body.

Gosia Lorenz became interested in holistic health, spirituality and metaphysical early in life, completing courses in ESP, Reiki, Theta healing and FT. She later became a facilitator in Access Consciousness CertifiedTM, Body Process, and Talk to the Entities teaching classes worldwide. She is a gifted healer, engaging speaker, author and dynamic change-agent.  If you’re longing for more magic in your life, go to

We all get to own a body on this planet. A healthy body, sick body, vibrant body, tired body, skinny body, round body, all kinds.

Are you enjoying your embodiment? Or are you harshly judging it, perhaps constantly?

Do you adore your body? Or do you torture it with diets and food restrictions?

Do you see your body as a source of joy and pleasure, guidance and delight? Or a source of frustration and suffering?

Is feeling unhappy with your body a healthy way to live?

What if we understood at a deeper level that the negatives we punish ourselves with are simply lies and tricks the ego-mind uses to keep us unhappy and discontent?

What if you were eternally grateful for your magnificent body? How would you and your body feel then? How would that change your reality?

You Create Your Reality, Not Vice Versa

You have the power to make a life-strengthening pivot once you understand that your point of view creates your reality, not the other way around. You can be the master creator of your life and your body wellness.

Have you ever considered that your body has a voice? Do you ever ask your body what it would like to eat or wear, or even whom to have sex with?

I bet you don’t.

We tend to rely on our preconceived, programmed beliefs to make choices. But we never ask our bodies.

One technique we can use to gauge what’s good for our body is known as “the sway test.”

Get Swayed

Stand up, relax with your feet together and say: “Body, show me a yes.” If you’re relaxed and neutral, your body will naturally sway forward. Now say: “Body, show me a no.” Your body will sway backwards.  Practice until your body starts naturally communicating with you. (Being hydrated also helps get clearer responses.)

When you start getting clear yes’s and no’s, ask: “Am I in my body?” Is your body moving forward or backward, or maybe staying stuck or going slightly to the side? If you’re not clearly leaning forward, pull your focus back into your body and ask again. It’s a simple tool that will help you become more present. And it’s so subtle you can use it in public places, like restaurants and grocery stores.

When I can’t seem to wake up in the morning or feel like I’m getting sick, I’m usually not in my body. So I got into the habit of starting my day with checking if my being is back from the night’s adventures in the universe so I can start fresh and alive, ready to enjoy the pleasures of the day.

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