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BePeaceLove – Our Separation is Only an Illusion

BePeaceLove – Our Separation is Only an Illusion

Darlene Cannon

Dollygal can be found on Amazon.

Darlene Cannon is a published author of “Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent,” the first in a series of mystical fantasy books that inspire readers of all ages to be the best they can be… by simply being themselves. 

She also creates real-life possibilities beyond conventional medicine as a Professional Care Maven who rehabilitates those labeled “disabled” to live extraordinary lives beyond conventional prescriptions using natural healing therapies, massage, counseling, energy work and life-skills facilitation.

What is the story of Dollygal? Dollygal is the opposite of what she thinks she’s supposed to be in the world—she doesn’t fit in. She’ll play in the garden, for instance, where things come alive that don’t normally come alive for most people, and gets reprimanded by her brother the Serpent for not being normal. But Dollygal is having an awakening of her gift. She’s a powerful force, and because of her example, Peacock and Serpent learn to believe in themselves like she does. 

What is her gift?
Her gift is to be able to see the world and the people in a higher light than others can. She helps everyone come along to their higher levels. Elevation for everyone is the theme. In the third book, “Return of the Extraordinary” it shows people living in that with mind, body and spirit. 

What inspired you write these? I’m a spiritual person, so I give total credit to Spirit. I’m a great storyteller, and I believe when it comes through me this way, it speaks to who I am through the story. 

Did you have mystical experiences as a child that were similar to the book? Yes, I did, as early as three or four, before I understood fully what was going on. Many children experience what mystical occurrences that don’t get any attention because the child thinks everyone experiences them, whether it’s seeing energy, faeries, or more. I experienced a lot as a child and I put some of it into this trilogy.

Does your mystical spiritual life help your work as caregiver? Yes, and every client I get is a special personal project. I’m theirs, and they’re mine. We’re assigned to each other. 

The term “BePeaceLove” comes up a lot in your work. What does that mean to you? Be the Peace; Be the Love. We actually are love, God’s love, or energy, same thing. It’s time for us to see that we’re all united. To me there is nothing that is not connected. I put bepeacelove together because in my head, we must have the unity. That’s how I feel it. So being the peace and being the love shouldn’t be separate. The separation is an illusion. We’re all one, and that’s the feeling the stories convey.

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