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Breathe Into Your Life, by Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich

Breathe Into Your Life, by Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich

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    Your consciousness is not your mind, feelings or emotions. It encompasses every aspect of you physically and non-physically. The foundation of your apparent conscious awareness is the consciousness in each cell – indeed, every atom of your biology. Through your consciousness you make choices within each breath. This is your reality. Now, shift from consciousness into awareness.

    In the moment of the inbreath and the outbreath, in the space between, you will find a silent space wherein you realize the truth of your awareness. Not only have you yielded to that awareness, your life is your awareness as I AM.

    Relax into your breath. Breathe in and breath out.

    This alignment with your awareness shifts your perception and consciousness. With each breath, you breathe light into the environment of your life, your reality. Remember that what you believe is real for you is only a subjective perception of what you have been taught to believe. Your beliefs are not real.

Your divinity speaks through the divine space of your heart

    The original blueprint of your consciousness from your first breath to this moment sends what you believe you are, out into the world. In that first breath, perception was born, the difference between the light as you knew it in your environment and your light as you truly are.

    Your divinity speaks through the divine space of your heart. Immersing yourself within your heart allows you to feel the emergence of the Presence of Your Essence.

   You are infinitely a divine expression of I AM, that and only that. There is no other thing to be. There is nothing to practice. There is nothing to attain. You are fully and completely God, Source, the Ineffable, the Absolute, I AM in human form experiencing the essence of breath in this body.

    As you breathe out your breath, all are blessed by your Presence. As you breathe in, you strengthen the ever-present divine nature that exists all around you. Breathe. And then breathe, again. This is the One and Only I AM expressing as you.

    For a meditation focusing on your breath as Spirit, see my webpage.

Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, with a ministerial doctorate in metaphysics. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. Toni is the author of Divining Truth, Straight Talk from Source; Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention, If It Works, Use It and The Call – Awakening the Angelic Human and its accompanying DNA Re-Awakening audio. Reverend Doctor Toni is clairvoyant, clairaudient and is kinesthetically aware of the invisible world from birth. As a Master Teacher, she is absolutely committed to assisting all spiritual seekers around the world remember they are I AM.  Access all of her websites through

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