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Brewing Water with the Highest Spiritual Integrity

Brewing Water with the Highest Spiritual Integrity

Infused to give you the highest energy on the planet

We, at The Water Brewery, believe that it is our birthright to collectively have access to uncensored knowledge, nourishing foods, and potent waters, regardless of manmade boundaries, prohibitions, and dogmas. Come visit us at The Water Brewery #1 | Urban Well & Superfood Supplements 545 W. 18th St. (Suite C) Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (949) 650-4505 or at The Water Brewery #2 | Urban Well & Superfood Supplements + Organic Kitchen & Elixir Bar 1125 Victoria S (Suite A) Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714) 499-9977.

Einar Haver and Wennifer Lin-Haver are the wife-and-husband co-founders of The Water Brewery, with two locations in Costa Mesa where they offer water with the highest integrity and a biodynamic kitchen with a tantalizing and healthy menu. – Editor

Judging from your logo, there seems to be a sacred feminine aspect to The Water Brewery. Wennifer: Traditionally in ancient European, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, women were the brewers. They were the ones who would transform the waters that may have been polluted into something that’s drinkable and nourishing. All of my studies and my graduate work centered around eco-feminism, eco-mothering, a strong sense of the sacred feminine. It’s not so much a gender thing as it is an embracing of the nurturing qualities and finding balance.

You bring that to the cleansing of the water? Wennifer: For me, it’s like the lotus that grows from the mud to become a beautiful, radiant, white flower that’s so mystical and amazing. This is what we’re doing to the polluted waters of Orange County and L.A. What’s coming out of the tap is really not drinkable.

Einar: I come from Norway where there is an abundance of fresh water everywhere. You could always find it. Lead, cadmium, and fluoride are commonly found in our local drinking water now.

Prescription medicines are also coming through. Einar: Yes, and, maybe more importantly, the emotions that result from those pills transfer to the water as well, the vibrational aspect. That’s where we come in. First, we clean the water physical, getting rid of the toxins. Then we clean it vibrationally.

That’s quite unique. How do you clean the water vibrationally? Einar: Yes, it is not common. After our A.M.O.R.E. process, we have a totally new inner structure in the water. That has to be held by something. Just like in a house, you need beams in the ceiling to hold the structure of the house. If not, it will collapse. And so it is with water: it needs minerals to hold the new structure.

Minerals support it? Einar: Yes, minerals are like the corner beams that support the house.

And if you drink water without the minerals? Einar: Then it’s empty water, which will actually take from the body instead of nourishing it. So we add a dosage that will nourish the body, but not enough for a therapeutic dosage that doesn’t taste as good.

Why is that? Wennifer: There’s a daily water and there’s a therapeutic water for someone actively healing from illness. That’s a different level, which requires a separate dosage that may be a lot more intense-tasting. The minerals we put in are broad spectrum: over 70 ocean trace-electrolyte minerals that are naturally occurring and our bodies thrive on, when we get them! Most waters that say they’re mineralized only have four minerals. It’s a huge difference. Broad spectrum, for us, is very important for keeping the integrity of the water, keeping it as nature intended it.

Einar: Depending on your needs, we have Aquae A.M.O.R.E. water, Aquae Mineral, Aquae Alkaline, Aquae Basic—all of these are everyday waters for all uses. We also have therapeutic water that is charged “through the roof” and beyond, energetically speaking. For instance, A.M.O.R.E. stands for alkalinized, mineralized, oxygenated, restructured and energized water. There are 300 checkpoints for this water. It’s infused with the sun, moon and earth frequencies through a proprietary process. There is a divine masculine and divine feminine vortex. Then it’s exposed to the violet flame, one of the most healing energies on the planet, which is inspired by St. Germain. Before it comes out of the machine, it goes through an egg-shaped structure.

Why egg-shaped? Einar: The egg shape is a perfect vessel for storage of liquids because it creates movement even when it’s standing still. That’s why we have a 177-gallon egg-shaped tank here.

Sounds like A.M.O.R.E. is a rigorous system for cleansing water. Does the acronym imply love is part of the equation? Einar: Yes, we bring love back to the water with sounds, with words, even writing love on a piece of paper and attaching it to the tank. People who understand energy know that provides loving vibrations. We also use proprietary devices that harness the etheric energy field of the earth, which increases the amplitude of the wavelength of the water. The more you implode or charge the water, the closer it comes to the spirit realms. When you encapsulate that kind of energy with such a high vibration inside of a vessel, then it works like a cosmic antenna from the earth ether, which is connected to the earth’s emotional plane, mental plane and spiritual plane. The higher up you come and the more you tap into the finer subtleties of nature, the more we can erase any negative memory pattern in the water and in ourselves.

You bring incredible integrity and passion to every part of the process.

Wennifer: We also let our crew know to clear themselves before they even step in the door. We let them know that what they’re doing is a service and it’s also an act of sacredness because we treat our water in a very sacred manner. So we tend to be very protective of it and manage the energy around it because water has the ability to absorb and imprint itself according to what’s around it. We’re very careful about who we choose to tend to the water. They need to have that positive resonance to the level of integrity we’re creating for our community through water.


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