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Can We Sacrifice Our Judgements?

Can We Sacrifice Our Judgements?

Donna Bond, M.A.

Our desire for Oneness is about harmony, unity and wholeness. Deep down, this is what we all want. Connectedness, togetherness, inseparability. Yes, it eludes so many of us both individually and collectively. The state of our country certainly does not reflect Oneness. Why is that?

One reason really: judgement. In this world of duality in which we live, this third dimensional experience where everything has a polarity, our ego insists on labeling assignments of everything. Right, wrong. Good, bad. Black, white. This is really a tactic of control creating the illusion of feeling safe. It’s in our positionality that we essentially create our own suffering. When we decide or proclaim that another’s position or point of view or stance is “right or wrong,” we essentially bring resistance to anything that doesn’t align with our “rules.”

Are you willing to sacrifice your judgements for peace and harmony?

From the soul’s perspective, there is no right or wrong. Our Higher Self sees everything as “it just is.” Our ego struggles with this concept, but imagine the freedom you could feel by holding this perspective.

The soul is here for the experience. Period. And however the Soul chooses to get that experience, it has no judgement about the human “rules” we made up that say something is right or wrong. The Soul exists in the Oneness. Our Soul is the energetic individualized expression of All That Is. It is the drop of water in the ocean. In that ocean, we are all one. We are all connected.

Perhaps experiencing a world of separation and division is what needed to happen so we could understand at a visceral level what we do not prefer. It gives us the opportunity to make a different choice.

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