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Channeling the Magic – Crista Marie Miller

Channeling the Magic – Crista Marie Miller

When I met Crista Marie Miller two years ago, she was a shy but talented student of the mystic arts who felt called to be a part of the Radiance team to help others awaken to their own gifts and to their soul journey.

Crista Marie Miller is an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, Reiki Master, and Certified Color Therapy Coach. She can be reached by phone or text at 909-689-4444. Or, visit her website at

When I met Crista Marie Miller two years ago, she was a shy but talented student of the mystic arts who felt called to be a part of the Radiance team to help others awaken to their own gifts and to their soul journey. Since then we’ve become good friends and I’ve watched her blossom into a talented in-demand psychic medium who frequently shocks people with her insights within seconds of beginning a reading.

When our interview for this issue began as a reading of me, it was too delicious an experience to stop, so we continued as my guides, her guides and even Yeshua made an appearance. I decided to print it here as a better indicator of her talents than a typical interview every could. Although it’s been lightly edited for clarity and a few embarrassing details have been edited out, I kept many in to preserve authenticity. I’m still uneasy about the level of vulnerability I’ve exposed here, which means you will probably find it a good read. – Scott Ware


SCOTT WARE: While we’re talking, can we check in with my guides? We haven’t done that for a bit. I’m going to include this in the article.

CRISTA MARIE MILLER: All right then. See it’s so interesting because the energy is even hitting me differently now. Okay. This is the first time I’ve tapped into someone’s “team” since this weekend (when she had a further awakening in her abilities). It’s almost like for me, the rose-colored glasses are off. I was able to see them before, but now I can feel them. I’m there now, immersed in the scenario. What’s this called…? “Merging, thank you.” Um… who do you want to hear from?

The guy you like best, Ewen*! (she laughs) Not him? No, no, I love him! Let me calm myself a little. (pause) He came in riding your dragon. As I’m seeing it now, it’s on a different plane of existence. This is interesting. This is a reality on top of your reality, they’re not usually here in my studio where they usually come, but it’s a reality on top of your reality. He’s saying that it’s… (gets flustered) He’s saying this is your space. When you’re meditating, do you often go to where it’s like rolling green hills with a bunch of, like, patches of trees? Dense forest, actually. Yes, sometimes. That’s where he is now, this is where he has always lived, and the same land your dragon is from. He says “land” is a loose term, that it’s a dimension frequency, because he doesn’t want you to think it’s some far off magical land, because it’s right there, right where you are now. Okay. No matter where you live or where you go to, this frequency will always be with you. That feels good, I like that. Okay… and it’s not “the other side” anymore, you need to get rid of that term. When we transition, we just transition into another frequency. Into a different state of being… you are still here on planet Earth, you still use the same soul over and over again, but your soul is in the frequency that you want to vibrate at. So even Heaven and Hell is a frequency that your soul just transmutes into. Mm-hmm. (she makes thinking noises) Oh now he’s bringing me – oh this is cool – he’s showing me different levels of the frequency where we can actually go up or down and the image can change. It changes how we view things. It’s the same exact wavelength, but just different (she makes an interesting sound)… He’s a talker man, once he gets going. I wonder who else he’s like? (laughs)

What else would you like to know? Well, manifesting abundance for the magazine, making sure it continues seamlessly, that’s always a goal. All right, he wants me to ask you this: what are you doing daily as soon as you wake up in the morning, what is your ritual? Um, I have coffee… I think about what I’m going to do for the day, I meditate, usually later, after the coffee, and then I begin working on the magazine. Perfect. All right. What is missing from that is your gratitude. Okay. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you need to wake up with gratitude before you even get your coffee, as soon as you open your eyes, even if it’s as simple as, “Oh my God, thank you for letting my eyes open!” Ah. This is what I’ve done, and he wants me to share it with you: when my feet come out of bed, one foot says “Thank” and the other one says “you.” Literally. Beautiful. That’s what starts my day. The gratitude for being here. Love it. And that’s what activates the manifestation. Okay. Because you automatically go to your coffee, which is a stimulator, and does not put you in the correct frequency, okay, because then your mind takes over. They’re saying this doesn’t put you in the spiritual body. Not the emotional body, not the mental body, but the spiritual body, which is where you manifest.  As soon as you have that stimulator, boom! It’s in your body (snaps her fingers repeatedly) it’s in your bloodstream… how long does it take for that caffeine to get out of you in order for you to purely manifest? Some time. And most people drink coffee throughout the day. And can you purely manifest when caffeine or stimulators are in your body? No. I know this is harsh information (laughs) but, so when… I’m talking to Ewen saying, “I don’t want to brag,” and he says no, this is your interview and you need to brag! “Yes, yes.” When I wake up in the morning, I don’t drink coffee. The first thing that stimulates me is ice cold water. That’s what gets me going, and it has to be pitch cold. I thought it was healthier to have lukewarm water. But that works for you. Let me ask him. Hold on, my Health Guide’s coming in. Okay. So my Health Guide, his name is Xander, and… (listens for a while) Uh-huh, okay, thank you! He’s saying lukewarm water works for most people. But if you already vibrating at a higher frequency than most, ice cold water will work. Ice cold water is used for highly creative people, highly stimulated people who stimulate themselves in natural ways where they do not need the caffeine. If you are used to drinking caffeine, or sugar, or any additive chemicals that go in the body, lukewarm water is best. Otherwise, ice water is what wakes you up. And he says it literally spiritually wakes you up.

Am I vibrating high? So Xander is extremely respectful, and is asking if he can step into your energy and check. So a little background on him: he’s Zimbabwe. This beautiful African man, muscular, he wears like a white tunic and looks like Taye Diggs, which I’m not opposed to. And… he’s currently working with my Reiki guides on your energy… it’s interesting, when he stepped in, Ewen stepped back like… In deference? Mm-hmm. He was like, “Who are you??” (laughs) Okay. He’s saying that your body is so used to the caffeine that you cannot cut off cold turkey because it will do damage to your body. You need to wean yourself off of it because the caffeine molecules are literally ingrained with your cells. How many coffees do you drink in a day? Oh my God, I’ve recently upped it, like in the last three weeks or so, I—Are you organic? No. Switching to organic is a good first step. He said this is one of your main blocks of manifestation, is too heavy of a reliance on caffeine. Wow. All right. (pause) Okay, if you want to slowly get off of it, you literally have to start working with your mental body first. Do not change your habits at the moment, that you have to actually have to start thinking about changing first. Seven day? Thank you. Seven days of consciously thinking… and he’s saying because our words are spells, even when they’re in your head, they’re spells. Don’t say, “I need to cut back on coffee.” Don’t say that word “me” and “cutting,” Mm-mm, don’t use those. (long pause) He’s using Light Language right now, which is interesting. Please translate! (pause) He said if you want me to translate, you’re just going to have to come up here so you can understand it. (laughs) The words you need to say are, “The caffeine I’ve ingested is for now. The caffeine I will be ingesting in a week will be for then.” And you repeat what is going on right now and honoring where you are on your path. There are so many steps in this manifestation technique that we are so wrapped up in knowing that we overlook an essential part, honoring the journey you are on now. Honoring that, “Yes, I drink… “ He’s saying six cups of coffee a day. Yes. (laughs) Honoring, that, yes, this is what I drink right now. And saying it as an affirmative, not like putting yourself down, like “Aw man, not good…”  Saying, “Yes, this is what I drink right now. And it’s right now.” Sit with that, and the more you sit with that and say, “This is where I am right now…” At the same time, your spiritual body will start vibrating at a frequency that is different than where you were today. So when the seven days have passed, and you’re okay with where you’re at right now, stretch out the time a little bit in between your cups of coffee. Get it down to five, but make the time a little bit longer. When your body’s physical field – not the emotional or spiritual body – is saying, “Oh, it’s time for another cup of coffee, push it out 30 minutes. Push it out 45 minutes. So you can get down to five cups, and that’s how you ween yourself off.

I love it. I thank you, and I thank Xander. Can you ask Xander and Ewen… I’m thinking I would like to be very transparent and share this reading as it continues—not every single word—because it’s a great way of demonstrating what you do and I’ll give up some of my privacy in this. Would you ask them about the wisdom of doing that. Yes, she does need to come out of the closet and step more into her power, because how she views things is not how others view things. How she is elevating herself to see/hear/feel/sense above where she was even yesterday is a beautiful process. It’s a cocooning butterfly to come out, and it’s time for her to step more into how she sees things and not hold back, which will hold more benefit to her clients and ring so true to them.

I want to be greedy and ask about my soul purpose, obviously tied to Radiance. Literally, Gaia was wanting to come in and channel, but she’s willing to step back for a little bit. What? Oh, sure. She was saying, at the beginning of this galaxy, there was life on all planets. Okay… okay… She’s very respectful, I love her. She goes by many names, she says, but I’m just comfortable calling her Gaia. Okay, whatever order you want to do things in. She’s stepping back. What was the question again? About my purpose with Radiance, and how to fulfill it. What other things are on my path I need to be open to seeing? He wants to honor your path and what you’re doing, and just thank you for putting in all the work you’ve been doing for the last three years. Um, he’s saying, but my dear friend, we’ve only just begun. Really. Okay… (she laughs and sings “We’ve only just begun…”) All right… He’s requesting that you surrender more. And he’s telling you, “Thank you so much for surrendering today.” Wow. (texting) Okay, I just pushed a 2:00 off to 2:30—someone I’ve put off so many times already—but can we bring Gaia back? I hate to limit Gaia Sure, okay…

(channeling Gaia) There’s a paradox in the human world. There’s a paradox where on one hand you believe you’re perishable creatures, destined to die, but in reality, on the other hand, there is always something hidden, submerged in your internal being, in your divine spark. And that spark is eternal. It’s inextinguishable. It does not die. This is what the great magic is. This is what that harnessing power inside of you is, that divine spark. This divine spark is just a little spark when created in the soul. Your spirit placed this spark and actually divided it and placed it into the soul. We must, as souls, fan this spark until it becomes a flame. Fan it, fan it, fan it, until it becomes a flame. That is where the great mystery, as you call it, or complexity is, is how do we fan this spark? Everyone is always searching, searching, searching, how do I fan this spark? How do I grow my expansion? How do I expand my soul? But there is no one answer. Each individual spark is individual. You must find your own way to fan it. No one else can tell you how. You must find your own path. So, though you can watch videos online, though you can talk with other spiritual healers, you will not get the answers. The only way to get the answers to fan your own spark is by connecting with your spiritual team. By connecting with your own Higher Self in order to get those answers. For your spiritual team was brought here to assist you. This spark came from our great creator, from Source. That spark is uncreated, and uncreatable, for it has always been, and was always within Source. There’s no duality between the spark—that spark is whole and pure. The duality only comes when the spark was placed within the soul. The duality that was created is in me and you, thinking and acting as if God and me are other, separate. We must have this duality in order to grow as a spirit. When you reuse this soul thousands upon thousands of times, each time your spark is fanned and grown. It is through sacred teachings that we can learn and remove the veil of ignorance and allow this spark to emerge and grow within us. And when it has grown to capacity, that is when you can fully act. For action is required. Action is required in order to manifest, as you guys say. That it’s through the harmonization of acting, that the frequency within us and out of us must be in harmonization in order to manifest. Of one’s parts that a new order appears, when this harmonization between me and God, as we spoke about earlier, the duality, the harmonization between the frequencies is what opens the energies to a higher level. And it is beyond that we are regarded as knowledgeable, or in all forms. There are always energies around us. There is always energy trying to bombard us. But it is how we interpret those energies where we are instrumental in accessing the energy from those different frequencies.

You are here… your soul was created to be an instrument of Spirit. Of your spirit, and other spirits. You are here to channel your higher spirit and other spirits to create and expand your soul. For that is everybody’s soul mission; to expand their soul and grow upon their soul mission.

Always remember that you are a conscious occupant of the human form. For this human form is of feeble matter and will no longer… for when you pass out of this human form, your frequency will change and you will no longer feel as stuck as you do now. But in order to transfer to a higher frequency properly, you must live out your life contract. You cannot cut it short. You must fulfill your full life contract in order to transmute into a higher frequency. Always know that you are a divine spark of Source, and blessings, we’ll leave it at that…

Awesome… Did that make sense. Of course! (pause) It’s 2:22! That’s pretty awesome. (laughs) Yes, it is. She leaves at 2:22, of course she does. 2+2+2 is six, interesting. Everything happens in 3-6-9. Interesting. Yeah, I think that’s all. (coughing a lot) I wish there was a way around channeling where I didn’t have to cough! That was a great reading! And I have ramped up the coffee lately, for sure. You feel like you have more energy, but it brings your vibration down. It’s more scattered energy. Okay, good stuff! I’m glad you’re more expanded from your experiences this weekend! I am beyond happy… I feel like I got this now.

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