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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet and Into My Light

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet and Into My Light

By Tina Ghahramani-Singh

When you’re expanding your consciousness and growing rapidly as a soul-centered person, many life changes can occur:

  • Old thought patterns fade into the distance
  • Your new les-burdened Self can feel a bit unfamiliar at times
  • You’re eating more consciously
  • Attending meditation classes is on your radar
  • You take greater measures of self care

Your connection to a higher source—Divine Mother, Father or God—becomes vital. Meditating and becoming silent becomes your natural medicine to the world’s noise and stress. Your energy field and vibration completely transform, and people may be challenged by this.

I was aware of my gifts at a very young age. Gifts that I was incredibly afraid to share with others for fear of isolation or judgement. My gifts of clairvoyance, feeling loved ones who have crossed, working with God’s light, feeling and moving energy as a highly empathic soul were part of my spiritual elixir. This was quite overwhelming and I did not have the tools or clairvoyant parents to nurture such gifts.

My massive soul expansion and “inner” work began two years ago when my physical body was out of alignment with my spiritual heart center. In other words, illness of the body began because I was not dealing with the old thought patterns and emotions that kept arising. Instead, I would ignore them and I just thought they would go away.

In reality, these emotions got louder and stronger because I didn’t take the time to notice and process them. Once we take time to witness the emotional patterns of the mind and how the body responds to those emotions, that’s what I call doing the “inner spiritual work.” This type of inner work is a moment by moment mindfulness practice. Believe me, I’m still learning this technique and healing my body as we speak. However, I have great faith and am thrilled to finally understand how important this inner work plays a positive role in my life.

Since my recent soul expansion, I have now stepped into my calling as a spiritual life coach and mentoring women, healers and mothers through this process. Nothing gives me greater joy for everyone to come out of their “spiritual closet” and share their beautiful gifts with the whole world. It’s given my life immense meaning. You are so LOVED and I encourage you to come out of your shadows and SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

Love and Deep Gratitude,


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