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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Exploring Spirituality Can Be as Fun as a Ride in the Park

Scott Ware is the Editor-in-Chief of Radiance Magazine. He is an author and a playwright, and is the facilitator of the Spiritual Seekers Group at the Divine Art of Yoga Center ashram, where he practices meditation techniques and Kriya Yoga.

Last month I posted a picture of my daughter and I on Facebook standing in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. We were celebrating my birthday. The post got 84 Likes.

A couple of days later, I posted a spiritual event, a holistic healing fair, and it got one Like. Just one.

Now, putting aside the people who aren’t into anything spiritual (fine)…

…and putting aside the folks who are religious or spiritual in a very specific manner and want to keep it that way (also fine)…

…I concluded that a lot of people who would normally support this type of event in private are reluctant to come out of the closet as a spiritual person.

Of course, people need to do what’s right for them. If they’re on a spiritual journey, their next step may not look like someone else’s.

I remember when I hesitated before posting photos of myself participating in an event at the Divine Art of Yoga Center ashram in La Habra. What would friends and family think of photos with my face streaked in paint during Holi (an annual festival celebrating the coming of spring and repairing broken relationships)?

Would they think I’d become a Hindu? Would they think I’d lost my mind?

Posting personal photos on Facebook can be a daunting to the ego.  When people Like or ignore my post, how does that make me feel? (Many people forgo the experience entirely to avoid all that mental noise, which I completely understand.)

Through my spiritual practice I realized I can’t please everyone, that life is too short not to be who I am. That was a life-changing realization. Being myself is much easier and attracts more of what I really want anyway (a nice bonus) rather than being at the mercy of an ego that requires insatiable validation which only causes suffering.

Which is as good a reason as any to seek out a guide or a healer—to clear out what’s blocking us from getting in touch with our inner truth to gracefully navigate this part of our spiritual journey.

I’m grateful Rev. Danielle Hewitt offered me the opportunity to be Editor-in-Chief of Radiance Magazine. I can now help some of the best spiritual practitioners in Southern California convey their healing message so Radiance readers will know therapeutic spiritual assistance is just a phone call or website away.

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