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Conscious as A Couple

Conscious as A Couple

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate...with Love

by Les and Rosi Dotson

So what exactly is the definition of a Conscious Couple?

And why would you want to be in one?

First, the definition: two people in a loving relationship who are drawn together by a higher spirit than themselves. They realize that their being together in that relationship is for a sense of purpose far beyond what they could have ever imagined.

It is a relationship of self-growth, collective growth and outer growth to touch the world together and the people around them in a positive, spiritual way. And it’s fulfilling to know you’re in tune and focused on the same mindset and spirit as the person next to you in the relationship

So, how does a Conscious Couple form? In some cases, the Conscious Couple form from the Universe. For its own purposes, the Universe draws the two people into a setting and brings them together into a new, positive relationship to grow and manifest into a strong, joined force that is set to take on the world and bring a brighter light to the individuals themselves and the people around them.

It’s essential to have your spirit as well as your ears, eyes, mind and heart open for this encounter. Like meeting over a bottle of water on a hot day, it can happen anywhere, in the most common circumstances. It’s a meeting of two separate forces who have learned from their past life-lessons (pains, hurts, sacrifices and disappointments). They’ve shed off the old skin and placed on new skin, ready to take on new experiences and growth in life (unconditional love, joy, happiness and self-fulfillment) together.

Keys to success as a Conscious Couple

  1. Knowing and practicing open communication with the other person in the relationship!

The number-one issue with couples is communication. Communication is the only way for the other person in the relationship to know what you’re feeling, thinking and going through. You are an individual in relationship with your own thoughts, feelings, wants and desires in life and you are now sharing that space in time with another person.

It’s critical for each person to share those thoughts, feelings, wants and desires in an open format so they know they are heard, understood and respected for those aspects of their life in the relationship.  Haven’t you had something on your mind that was bothering you greatly and you wanted to tell your partner but you were worried what they would think about it? Then, once you told them, they were actually able to help you solve the situation in a positive manner and you were so grateful?

This is open communication.

It is communicating with the other person safely, without fear of retribution, criticism, lack of losing respect or, worse, retaliation from the other person when you are sharing vital information key to your soul and inner thoughts.

When you can sit and communicate with a person who holds your heart and they truly listen (and sometimes just listen with no necessary feedback) and you provide feedback that truly puts them at ease or lifts their spirit or simply justifies what they are thinking, this is open communication.

This is how to be a Conscious Couple:

  1. Understanding, embracing and satisfying each other’s “Love Language” is being conscious of this in the relationship. We’ve all heard this term but the key is to practice and live the “Love Languages” in the relationship. To first know what your partner’s “Love Language” is and understand why this is so vital to them. Seeing the signs and embracing those moments is so fulfilling to that person. It shows “consciously” that you are in tune to their wellbeing, which is really special to the other person. It’s the “deep root” that will hold you together in a time of need, cloudy days and storms that come in life.


If you resist defaulting to your programming and stay steadfast to those “Love Languages,” it will bond you together like super glue. Otherwise, the circumstances and worry of life can break you. It’s like God says, “I will love you in good and bad times, I will never forsake you. Do not let bad times steal your joy. Smile in the waves of the storm, knowing it will only be for a short while and then it shall be calm again…”

  1. Being conscious of what physical, spiritual and motivational things in life drive happiness to your partner. Be a part of those things that make them happy. Find what common things you both like, no matter what they are, and share those things with joy. Yes, we all have a self-life of work, hobbies and desires, but it’s key to find the things that will bond you in these key moments of life.  Living a separate life in a relationship or doing things that are not fulfilling to each other is not being consciousness of the relationship or the other person.  Embracing the togetherness, and enjoying fully those moments, are the essential keys of being consciousness in relationship.


  1. Make and keep date nights, bring something unique, surprising, funny with laughter and joy into these moments. Just like when you first met. Be conscious of the first love feelings you felt when you met this person.  Remind them often of these times. It’s like polishing silver, you never want it to tarnish and lose that sparkle. Keep the polish on the relationship and place it into new lights, new adventures whenever possible. Surround yourselves with positive people (family and close friends) who have the same spirit, wants and desires as you. This will keep the love going for all involved.


Bring in the good light, bring in the joy, keep peace in the spirit, sacrifice without losing yourself, share communication often and laugh, laugh, and laugh. And move negativity out when you see it, do not let it fester.

These are the keys to being a Conscious Couple. Love, peace and God’s blessings!

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