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Create Your Own Reality: Spiritual Hypnosis for Motivating the Mind and Transforming the Body

Create Your Own Reality: Spiritual Hypnosis for Motivating the Mind and Transforming the Body

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By Janna Colaco, C.Ht., Certified Hypnotherapist, Imagery Facilitator and Spiritual Channel

What makes your hypnotherapy approach unique?

I like to hope I’m the type of person people can feel comfortable opening up to, especially about the topics that matter to them.  I use classic techniques in self-improvement and hypnotherapy, but I simultaneously channel spirit while they’re in a state of hypnosis.  Most of my clients don’t realize at first what I see: that they are worthy, important, special and capable. I’m grateful that I can facilitate and evoke profoundly meaningful experiences so they can put any anxieties and doubts to rest, and step forward into enjoying the life they’ve always deserved.

There’s access to higher clarity and wisdom, and tremendous change that lasts

Can you talk me through what someone can expect coming to see you?

Sure!  The first half hour of our session is a free meet-and-greet.  We talk about life, history, goals— I ask about thinking habits, and, if appropriate, I suggest new strategies we might try based on the Law of Attraction.  I answer questions about hypnosis. I’m always amazed at how many people doubt they can be hypnotized. Everyone can, it’s just a matter of which techniques are used.  Everyone is different, and I test suggestibility to know what works for them. The client can decide to dive into the first hypnosis session right then and there.

Can you explain what hypnosis feels like? 

Hypnosis feels familiar and soothing, and is most similar to when you are about to fall asleep and are calm in your body but still aware of your thoughts, surroundings, and exterior sounds. You can expect to recline in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.  I dim the lights and cover you with a cozy blanket. In this state, your subconscious mind is most open to change, so this is where I guide you through suggestions and specific techniques that will help you reach your goals. 

Not surprisingly, the state of hypnosis accesses much more than the subconscious mind.  The over-thinking and worrying subside. There’s access to higher clarity and wisdom, and tremendous change that lasts.  

Hypnosis opens the superconscious, where intuition, higher wisdom, and spirit is most accessible.  So while we are changing everyday thinking habits to the positive, you are understanding your personal truths without my having to say a word.  

At the same time, as I deliver hypnotic suggestions, I am in a heightened state, so you receive a mixture of pragmatic earthly techniques together with channeled wisdom that resonates on the soul level.

How many sessions do people usually need?

It’s more a question of how many sessions do people want.  Results can be experienced quickly, yet many prefer to continue — especially when they want to work on multiple topics.  I have regulars who have mastered just about every area of their lives, but still like to come in for a ‘tune-up’ in the same way many people treat themselves to a regular massage.

Have you yourself used hypnosis to create a new holistic lifestyle habit?

Oh, yes!  I struggled in PE as a kid.  In elementary school I was always picked last on sports teams, and I still remember my embarrassment when other kids realized they were stuck with me.  I was chubby and wore glasses, and I had low energy. I preferred to read and watch TV, and it took a great deal of effort just to play outside with my friends after school.  In hindsight, I realize I may have suffered from anemia. I know my diet was very unhealthy. I was a preoccupied, worried child who was afraid and insecure.

So I’ve used hypnosis in every possible way.  Confidence was a big one. Overcoming the limiting belief that there was something wrong with me and I could never be athletic.  My diet and exercise habits. My fear of failure and embarrassment. Relationship patterns. My sense of self-consciousness.  

As an adult, I taught yoga for over a decade.  Nowadays, I swim competitively in the ocean. My swim team starts practice at 5:45am, and it’s a 45 minute drive from my house, so I have to get up at 4:15 every morning!  To do that, I used hypnosis— I told myself getting up early for a challenging swim practice was the best part of my day!

Janna ColacoWhat about weight loss?  In your opinion, why would a person choose hypnotherapy over other weight loss methods?  

My clients come because they want to transcend the cause of their weight gain.  They realize they use food as anesthesia, or a coping mechanism for stress. Sometimes they eat from boredom, overwhelm, procrastination, sabotage, fear, anxiety, trauma, rejection — the list goes on and on.  My clients are done with failure, and want to feel satisfaction on a deeper level. They want to enjoy exercise, rather than force themselves to do it.

What are the most common underlying problems associated with motivation?

A low-grade level of anxiety or fear, which usually leaves people just feeling stuck.  Most of us get hungry when we want comfort. Eating becomes a short term band-aid with long term negative effects.  If you were to ask me what I specialize in, what I’m the best at helping people with, it’s overcoming anxiety and feeling comfortable without needing the bad habits.  

How does it feel to be helping people in such a tremendous way?

It’s incredibly satisfying.  Yet it’s hard to wrap my mind around it.  I’ll meet with a person who feels they’re at their wit’s end, and by the time they leave my office they’re smiling and happy.   I get to witness their courage to give up limiting beliefs — some of which have been with them for years — in order to embrace new thinking habits.

Can you share an inspirational client “win” that demonstrates what you do and how you help people? 

There are so many.  There are women who are well past menopause who finally get into shape and lose the excess weight they’ve been carrying.  Along the way, we set boundaries in their relationships, heal their childhood wounds, and give them permission to treat themselves well.  

So many people feel putting themselves first is selfish.  We change that belief into self-love, self-worth. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you suddenly abandon others.  It means you understand and appreciate your own value. When you love yourself, others will too. We teach people how to treat us.  If we are hard on ourselves, chances are our spouse, children, friends or boss will be hard on us too. They’ve learned from the best!   

Athletes can emerge in their 60’s or 70’s  and be fitter than when they were younger. Sports performance for all ages, kids to adults, is satisfying because I get to help people regain the joy of their sport.  

I work extensively with PTSD clients, and have seen rapid transformations that would blow your mind.

Personally, I haven’t been sick with even as much as a cold in ten years, because I nurture an underlying belief in wellness.  I don’t waste two seconds worrying about ‘keeping from getting sick’ which is a negative type of motivation. I just sit around and dream about how I’m going to kick my kids’ butts when we go hiking.  I think about the playlist we will listen to, and the fun we will have, and how I will fly up that mountain easily and effortlessly, and all the laughing and teasing that will go on between us.

We are creative beings, and my job is to help people live their dreams.  I don’t put any stock in reality, or evidence. You can’t get rich by staring at your bills and meditating on them.  There’s no creative value there. You can’t get healthy by looking up every possible disease on the internet. You can’t get close to people by ruminating on every rejection you’ve ever experienced so that you can fix it next time.  If that worked, we’d all be at peace every time we thought about our problems!  

It’s positive focus that creates positive results.  I help people turn their default settings to the positive.

Do you have any tips that might help other hypnotherapists connect with their clients?

Yes, I mentor other hypnotherapists and self-improvement professionals.  I’ve even helped energy healers and massage therapists incorporate therapeutic imagery into their work.  I have school teachers and coaches and doctors I work with— you name it. I’m always happy to help with mentoring sessions.  

For clients, I offer a 30 minute free consultation, so they can make up their own minds about whether my approach is right for them, and for distance clients I offer FaceTime or phone sessions.  


Janna Colaco, C.Ht., is a certified transformational hypnotherapist and spiritual channel specializing in motivational self improvement.  She is the owner of Mechanics of Grace Hypnotherapy in Fullerton, CA.  Janna has helped many clients achieve their goals and create healthy lifestyle habits. Her mission is to help others realize their power and create positive lifestyle changes while enjoying every step of the journey. Janna’s hypnotherapy practice incorporates a wide variety of cases including self-confidence, sports performance, spiritual healing, stress reduction and much more. View a complete list of services on her website, or call (714)269-6908 with any questions. In addition to holding sessions in her private office in historic Downtown Fullerton, Janna is available to do sessions over the phone and via FaceTime for those who live farther away. Visit her Facebook page and Instagram to follow along!

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