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Creating Resonating Relationships

Creating Resonating Relationships

Removing the Blocks to Love

Some of us grew up thinking that we were going to marry our prince in shining armor…

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Teri Stanley. I have been a licensed physical therapist for 23 years and practicing primarily in outpatient orthopedics. Her knowledge of Kinesiology and expertise in using the Emotion Code is impressive. In my experience, her treatments are accurate, efficient and productive. Along with her undeniable talent, I found her ease and sensitivity in dealing with those seeking her help impressive. Her accuracy with her insights and sensitivity to others are wonderful.” ~ Donna

Some of us dreamed of finding Mr. Right…

Some of us fell into the trap that we were going to live happily ever after…

Now, meeting, marrying and maintaining a relationship are three very different things, which the fairy tales never seem to cover. We have to learn for ourselves that no relationship is perfect nor do they match our adolescent fantasies.

They can actually be better, because the fantasies always stop at the point where someone outside of us is validating us. Fairy tales rarely revel in self-love and the inner peace and happiness that accompanies it.

My experience has shown me that unresolved issues from past relationships have a way of creeping into our current relationships when they’re not handled properly. Their negative effects can be lasting and create blocks to the intimacy we treasure.

These blocks have an energy to them, like an invisible rubber band that keeps snapping you back after you’ve taken a few steps forward. No matter how much you read self-help books or practice making changes, something keeps snapping you back to the same old pattern.

Identifying the emotions, beliefs, expectations and conditioning to clear these energetic rubber bands (that hold the patterns in place) has a significant impact on much you’re able to move forward.

Consider that our emotions are made up of vibration frequencies. Some emotions have high frequencies (like love) and some have low frequencies (like shame). Uplifting emotions enhances our energy flow, while darker, disturbing emotions can lead to energy blockages and imbalances.

But it’s a cycle you can break easily. Join me the 3rd Wednesday of the month (March 21 and April 18) at Visions and Dreams in Costa Mesa at 5pm where we will start to uncover your blocks as I lead you through a few meditations to help you release and heal.

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