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Creating Your Self Empowered Year for 2018!

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Welcoming in 2018 is a power you wield, so let us each see the tools that Spirit provide us with to create the New Year.
We mostly hear about the yearly “resolutions” we make and within three months we’re back to the way it was, continuing the same patterns. Rather than make “resolutions” this year, try to become the Best YOU you can be. Here are the tools:
ATTITUDE Adjustment: This requires you to take YOUR intention to a task and not go to STRESS, PRESSURE, DEMANDS, and EMOTIONAL drama! You have several choices: You can take on the attitude of Grateful or Thankful or a recognized Blessing.
GRATEFUL: Your attitude of HOW you feel, think, observe and act on that experience provides choices you make. Your attitude interprets your feelings and negative feelings attack our Physical body. Cause and effect.
THANKFUL: So check your attitude with yourself and determine if Grateful is in your life “daily” and if not I recommend you invite the Attitude of Gratitude within to nurture this powerful expression. Being grateful for the Life you have chosen (plus allowing it to change you) is the Power YOU have with Attitude. Use it for your best interest as it is a POWERFUL TOOL and it works upon command from you! Be wonderfully aware of being BLESSED!
PHYSICAL involvement: You can use Yoga as a physical tool to create inner harmony, or swimming, walking, meditation or utilizing the skills of practitioners to get energy healing and Massages. Stretching, tapping… all the physical tune-ups you can get. Attitude supports organs and mental alertness and the physical body works better too.
MENTAL VALIDATION: You have the Power to change your mind about the way you see yourself and how you treat others. You can heal yourself through mind and mental empowerment! Feed your self-worth and validate your successes as well as recognizing your failures and learn from them.
SPIRITUAL ACCEPTANCE: This phase allows you to be aware of your Divinity and participation in Life and you’re giving of I Am to the I Am that I Am is, starting with Your awareness of your Spiritual Path. We each are put into a situation when we are born, be it the parents we choose to express Life through or the geographic land we chose to express our Physical path through. Spirituality is not religion, per se, it is OUR connection with the Divine, be it an already established Religion or a Self-developed Love through Life Path. Recognize you are Blessed with a thankful heart, for this is your JOURNEY and 2018 is the YEAR so become an EMPOWERED PERSON of change for Yourself or for Others… it is your choice!
Short note: Big changes are occurring globally now. Saturn is going into Capricorn, an Earth sign, and presently our planet is going to have four of the five outer planets headed into EARTH signs!

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