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UFORIA – Custom Nutrition Formulated to Your DNA

UFORIA – Custom Nutrition Formulated to Your DNA

Tina and Kelly

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What if a company could look at your genes to determine what nutrients you (and only you) need to optimize your DNA, and therefore your health and wellbeing? UFORIA does just this, with full HIPAA compliance for privacy, and use only the purest antioxidant versions of the nutrients you need. Company representatives Tina Malsom and Kelly Vincent share the rewards of using UTRITION.

Kelly, you had a lot of problems go away when you started taking UTRITION, and Tina, you didn’t feel anything, and you were relatively healthy. KELLY: I think most people are interested in their health. They want to keep up their bodies and be in shape. Some people figured out that instead of using guesswork to decide which vitamins and supplements we should take, that swabbing your DNA to get exactly what you need makes more sense. Because I had UTRITION made just for me, I knew I was taking just what I needed, but I also had a lot of my ailments go away!

Shall we talk about your feet right away? Yes, that was hard because I didn’t have a cast or a broken leg, but I couldn’t walk far or stand for very long. From the military, and doing construction for most of my life… for eleven years, I suffered. It wasn’t an injury you could really pinpoint; they don’t have a cure for it necessarily. The biggest fear is that the doctor said I was just have to sit down all the time, and my patience is no better than a 2 year old’s – I like to get around.  

It was devastating to me, then to have this, after just a few months of taking it, it was miraculous! It wasn’t in a day, but Tina and I noticed that I wasn’t complaining about my feet anymore! “This is amazing!” TINA: For me, it was the opposite. I don’t have any aches or pains, I don’t have any issues yet, but I was adopted, which is an issue when the doctor asks, “What runs in your family history, in your DNA?” Now, my cupboard was full of vitamins, maybe thousands of dollars’ worth. And every time Dr. Oz recommended something, or a women’s magazine, I got them! 

You made all of Dr. Oz’s smoothies? TINA: Yes, all of them! And when I heard this concept – you can do a DNA swab, 18 genes we’re testing for, all the important ones, like your heart, your liver function, immunity, inflammation, your Vitamin D, the strength of your bones, brain health, two genes for energy, which is important as you age, and two genes for healthy weight management. I didn’t know any of the answers for that until I got my DNA report: there are 67 ingredients I need every single day. 

How many do you need Kelly? KELLY: 78 ingredients. Look, everyone is different. None of us know until we see our DNA report, which tells you what your DNA says you need on a daily basis. That’s the certainty factor that you have here, and people have a sense of relief that they’re not wasting their time and money, and they’re not guessing anymore, plus you only have one product in your cupboard!    

Can you talk about the privacy issues around the DNA issue? TINA: So we are fully HIPAA compliant. Just like taking a blood test at the doctor’s office – they cannot share the information of those results, and we cannot either. They send you a very simple report: if you see green, good; if you see yellow, both of your parents passed it down; red, one of your parents. They make it very simple for the average person to go through. 

And then your ingredient list: it’s vegan. Whole food. It’s raw nutrition. You can get it in powder or vegan capsule. Non-GMO and mostly organic. Gluten-free. 

So, whatever you’ve been given in life; and whatever may be lacking in nutrients, this is going to be the exact complement for that. The exact thing you need. TINA: I just want to add, we’ve had pharmacists look at this list of ingredients and say, “Oh my God, this is everything healthy that you could possibly need is in there. The quantity is also figured down to the milligram based on exactly what you need… And it has the only known compound in the world that repairs damaged DNA, it’s called AC11. KELLY: It’s Cat’s Claw, which regenerates your cells, the youth part of the product. It really brings back your cells on a level to where… you look younger!

How can people reach out to you for more information? Every Tuesday night we do a live webinar at, and they also go to 

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