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Nobody Ever Dies

Nobody Ever Dies

He died, came back and wrote about it, and a million people bought his book. Then it happened three more times. Is that why he has spent the last forty years volunteering in hospices?

Dannion Brinkley

The best-selling author of over a million copies of “Saved by the Light” and “Ten Things to Know Before You Go,” Dannion Brinkley is more charming than he likes to admit; wiser than most for having died and come back four times, and saintlier than he’ll cop to: for the last forty years, he’s worked as a volunteer in hospice and stayed true to his mission of care. His secret: he knows we don’t actually die… ever. Dannion will be at the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton Feb 7-10th. 

I presume your near-death experiences gave you perspective on the people in hospice you care for in their final hours? Here’s what happened: all of a sudden, you’re struck by lightning. Hits you in the side of the head, it goes down your spine. Nails the soles of your shoes to the floor, throws you in the air and slams you on the bed and you’re burning like you’re on fire and it’s like acid. And you cannot move and you cannot see because the flash singed my eyes to the point that I had to wear welder’s glasses for a year. But then, and all of a sudden, I lift from my body and I have no pain and I can look down on it because now I can see! 

I’ve spent my life looking at death. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours at the bedside of 2000 people in hospice. I’ve noticed that people put off thinking about transitioning from this world to the next, but the fact is nobody ever dies.

What happens when we accept that “nobody ever dies?” What, then, would be the meaning of your life? Okay? For most people, their only meaning is “are you going to hell?” Seventy-five million aging people are having to make conscious decisions for themselves or their aging parents about what we have to do, when we have to do it, and why we have to do it. And these decisions can’t be put off. (For more of this provocative interview, go to and

Conscious Life Expo Feb 7-10, 2020

A potpourri of visual, audio, and sensory delights for everyone.  We invite you to join us at this visionary gathering place.

Together we can build a healthier, sustainable global community…. and have fun doing it!

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Impactful Panels: Divination, Astrology, Ancient Secrets, Extraterrestrial Contact, Spiritual Healing, Ascension Now, Science of Consciousness, Healthy Body, Healthy Planet Panel, Visionary Panel, Georgy Noory Forum.

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