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David Wolfe’s Pick for the Hottest Superfood

David Wolfe’s Pick for the Hottest Superfood

David Wolfe

David will be appearing at the Conscious Life Expo Feb 7-10, 2020 presenting a workshop, a Post Con and appearing on the “Healthy Body, Healthy Planet” panel moderated by Lisa Garr with Kimberly Meredith, Zen Honeycutt, Lisa Beres and Rainbeau Mars. For dates and times:

David Wolfe is a passionate advocate for having The Best Day Ever with the best attitude and by putting the best food and drink in our body. He’s a nutritionist and certified biodynamic farmer… and an adventurer. He talked about the hottest super food and the healthiest weight loss product.

“You either get a filter, or you’re going to become a filter.”  

More people are learning about the alternative health movement, and it’s definitely not being televised through traditional channels, but it’s getting out there at a grass roots level, through multi-level marketing and other means. What’s your message to people who want to stop going to the doctors in the white coats for everything? My message is we cannot rely on our governing bodies and institutions to protect us. So, we have to protect ourselves. One of my favorite sayings in this is, “You either get a filter, or you’re going to become a filter.”  

That filter could be, “I’m not going to eat anything that’s not organic or plant-based” or “I’m not going to drink water that comes out of a tap.” Just some kind of filter between you and what’s presented to us by the systems that we’re in. We have to realize we’re toxic, and we have no idea how toxic we are. We’re breathing in automobile exhaust, very toxic and carcinogenic! My advice is “Gear up and get ready to detoxify your body,” perhaps even with activated charcoal. 

What’s the latest hottest superfood? Sea buckthorn, without question. These berries are five times the vitamin C of oranges. The Vikings used them to prevent scurvy and took them to Iceland and presumably the new world. Now it’s in a lot of the cosmetics and body care products. Sea Buckthorn oil is the hottest oil right now in this field. 

It has more than just the Vitamin C, I assume? Yes, it has the Omega 3, the Omega 6, the Omega 7 and the Omega 9. Very rare to have them all. This oil has a very strong effect on skin beauty, with radiance and shine, you get that inner glow happening.  

One of the things I’ve really gotten behind is the powerful healing and transformative elements of activated charcoal, plus it can help you get rid of that stubborn 10 pounds. Animals eating charcoal live longer, more so than any other substance you can give them, making it the longevity leader. In my travels, what the Scandinavians taught me is that the person who goes through the metamorphosis from eating charcoal on the regular, they call that person a “coal biter.” And that’s not just any old term: you may remember that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien had a club at Oxford that was called “The Coal Biters” because they were aware of this. This goes all the way back to the Icelandic Sagas, and I am writing a book on it. 

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