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Dear Shelly

Dear Does He Love Me,

Shelly J. Miller is a professional Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Medium and Transformational Coach known for accessing detailed information to help you release limiting patterns to effect healing and lasting change. Send questions to [email protected] To book a private reading or coaching session, call (949) 237-2960 or go to

I have been seeing a wonderful man for about a month. He says he loves me and we have kissed but he’s currently in a committed relationship with another woman. He has stopped calling and I want to know if he is coming back?  Do you see us being together especially around the holidays? Does he love me?

Unfortunately, yours is a question I am asked by a large percentage of woman in your position. The red flag here is that your man is already committed with someone else, yet he is declaring his love for you. He is confused about what he wants from a partner and is casting about to find love so he won’t be alone. Despite my feeling that he cares for you on some level, the fact is he can’t speak his truth and act honorably because he feels he is undeserving of love. You are doing the same thing by being willing to settle for someone, anyone so as not to be alone.

The remedy for what ails you both is to begin to love yourself the way you would like to be loved by others, not just a romantic partner. Make choices for yourself in all areas of your life that are loving and supportive of you. The overriding Spiritual Truth is that you cannot look for something or someone on the outside to fulfill you. Happiness, love and peace are already waiting within, but you must remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. Love yourself and you will experience what you are looking for in another within yourself, and you will be a vibrational match to those who are available to love you completely. Let go of this man, love yourself and have some faith that what and whom is yours will come to you.

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