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Dissolve the Blocks Standing Between You and Abundance

Dissolve the Blocks Standing Between You and Abundance

Interview with Lisa Douthit

Lisa Douthit ( is an Integrative Life Coach and Bestselling Author who is passionate about living your most abundant life. She is an expert at dissolving the blocks holding you back and has made it her mission is to bring more light and prosperity to the planet.

“Lisa has shown me really simple ways that get massive results with my clients and in my own life.” – Susan P.

What do you help people with? I help healers/teachers get out of their own way so they can bring more light to the planet in a big way.

What does it mean to work on the quantum level? I teach my clients how to find and dissolve the blocks in their quantum field. It’s like opening the door to a world beyond your limitations. Abundance is all around us, we just can’t see it with all our junk in the way.

What exactly does it mean to live an “abundant” life? Abundance is all about living your best life financially, emotionally, physically, in relationships, everything. Most people believe it’s either one or the other. That it’s just something you’re telling yourself or that you were taught as a child. When you learn how to energetically shift what you believe to be true, you can create a whole new paradigm for yourself and your family. I show you where your shadow beliefs are; then we blow them up and create new empowering beliefs. It’s really fun and I’ve seen some crazy results.

What kind of results have you gotten? Clients become manifesting machines! I had a client who hadn’t work for over a year get two job offers within the first month of us working together. Another started booking new clients “out of nowhere.” One was getting checks in the mail! It’s amazing to see the light switch on when you harness your own greatness.

Does not being able to access it leads to other problems? Absolutely! Most people hold themselves back or spend their lives on low vibrational turmoil like self-judgement, guilt, fear, etc., which makes them feel heavy and tired. Live in that for too long and you will start to get physically sick or start picking at your spouse or struggle financially. Abundance is all tied together.

This is what we talk about: Are you where you thought you would be? If so, great! If not, it’s because you just don’t know what you don’t know. Your past is not your fault, but your future could be a whole lot bigger and brighter. All you have to do is learn a few new tools and you will be good to go.

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