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Sasha Barber is the owner of Guided Realty, the house of conscious real estate transactions. We sat down for an interview with her to explore her insight and unique approach.

Sasha, you go further than most realtors when you say a home is not just a house, it’s the place you’re guided to, so you can best serve your purpose in life and carry out your unique mission. That’s very interesting and even sounds spiritual. Well, it’s inherent in the name that I believe that you are guided to your home as a foundation for your wellbeing, especially people who live more conscious lives, right? Especially if you’re an entrepreneur who’s making a difference in the world. The home is a place to feel grounded. When things align within your home, when you feel comfortable to wake up in the morning with ideas, and those ideas of popping up in the home serves as a foundation for you. It’s important to have this as a foundation for your wellbeing and also for your wealth mindset.

I know that some people are in the down-sizing mode and you help with that as well. Exactly, because life is always moving and shifting. Sometimes we get comfortable where we are, but we have this internal nudging that something needs to change. And it very often has to do with our environment where we live. So, don’t be afraid of those changes, because if you are already being guided to make that change, I believe the ease of how this home will present itself will be there. Kids are growing, they need more things, and sometimes just decluttering doesn’t help it. We need expansion. Trust that guidance.

You also help people get through mental, emotional and financial challenges that may be blocking them from owning a home? So that’s a really early stage where I get into people’s process of getting a home where maybe they’ve just had some trouble over the years, or they believe they can’t afford it… I come in with some techniques to help them get rid of those blocks.

Next you ask what does my heart know about this home we’re looking for? That’s values

It sounds like you save people a lot of time of fruitless searching. Absolutely. And there’s different tools that we use to do that. I’m an NLP practitioner also. And we use time dynamics to tap into “What’s your highest and best good? Where do you need to be?” Really going down into the values of why certain things are important.

I like doing this process called the head-heart-gut. First you connect with your head and you’re asked logical things, what does my head know about this home? Next you ask what does my heart know about this home we’re looking for? That’s values. And what does my gut know about this home? The gut will be more about security, about protection. We start with the big things and always end up getting something very, very special.

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