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Does Your Child Have a Sixth Sense? By Lisa Najjar

Does Your Child Have a Sixth Sense? By Lisa Najjar

Lisa Najjar is an OC-based psychic/medium in private practice. Learn more about Lisa and her latest book, Dying to Tell You: Channelled Messages from the Famously Dead, by visiting

In 1425, a French girl named Joan heard a voice. She beheld a radiant being, who revealed the mission she was to fulfill. Following the guidance, she raised an army, and victoriously drove the English out of France. She attributed her successes to guidance from the angels and saints she believed spoke directly to her.

The people of her day didn’t understand Joan of Arc’s psychic abilities. Because Joan would not deny her own truth, she was burned at the stake.

Joan of Arc is an example of what can happen when a “sixth sense” is negatively perceived. The following story illustrates how miracles can occur when a “sixth sense” is positively received.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the guests in my new book Dying to Tell You: Channeled Messages from the Famously Dead, told me that he and his wife consulted mediums.

One of these mediums was a young girl named Nettie Colburn. During her first meeting with Abraham Lincoln at the White House, Nettie went into trance where she passed under the control of the spirit of Daniel Webster who conversed with Lincoln on matters pertaining to making laws to free the slaves.

In a solemn manner, Nettie told Lincoln to stand firm to his convictions and fearlessly perform the work he’d been raised up by Providence to do. She told him not to abate the terms of the Emancipation Proclamation and not to delay its enforcement beyond the first of the year.

Lincoln was under pressure to put off enforcing the Proclamation. After Nettie’s message, he knew what to do. He said, “My child, you possess a very singular gift; but that it is a gift from God, I have no doubt. It is more important than anyone present can understand.”  Lincoln abolished slavery shortly after.

Joan and Nettie were child mediums; one understood, one misunderstood.

As a medium – not a medical professional – here are suggestions for guiding spiritually gifted children:

  • Rule out medical issues with qualified professionals. Then consider they may be spiritually connected
  • Don’t deny their reality
  • Learn about psychics and mediums
  • Visit spiritualist churches; speak with their mediums
  • Have them explain what/who they see or hear. Sharing photos of deceased family members may be reassuring
  • Consider taking your child to a reputable medium. It could be reassuring to meet an adult that shares their gift

Some children are gifted artistically; others, athletically. Your intuitive child has a special gift. When encouraged, your child has the potential to open up to universal wisdom, which will guide them throughout their lives. This “extra” sense can make their lives “extra”-ordinary!

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