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Energetic Healing — A Quicker Way to Heal Past Traumas

Energetic Healing — A Quicker Way to Heal Past Traumas

Joyce Stewart is a holistic healing consultant with a master’s degree in clinical social work. She started Holistic Healing Consulting where she provides holistic and spiritually based counseling to help people heal from abuse/trauma, anger, fear and anxiety. She is the author of two books: Interconnected by God — Healing for Your Spirit, Soul and Body, and God is Love — A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love. Get your free guidebook “5 Benefits of Holistic Healing” by going to

Is it possible to live a truly fulfilling life, regardless of the pain or trauma we experienced in the past?

Many of my patients have come to find that it is possible, and they’re determined to never go back to living with the emotional or psychic burdens they had unknowingly placed upon themselves.

Life becomes easier when we remember we’re eternal spiritual beings who have always been and always will be here to experience all the wonders of life on Earth.

Everything Source created is made up of energetic vibrations: our thoughts, emotions, memories and bodies are all energy. When we encounter trauma, abuse, rejection, emotional pain, it becomes lodged in our body-mind system as trapped energy. In our American society, many of us were not taught how to process and release this pain. Instead, we got these messages:

  • Just get over it
  • Deny or minimize it
  • Blame others
  • Blame ourselves
  • Internalize it
  • Numb it with addictive substances and other “accepted” avoidance methods like prescribed medications
  • Project our pain at others (through aggressive verbal or physical behaviors)

This is far from healthy behavior. Responding to our pain this way simply perpetuates it by creating a vicious cycle where we’re retriggered by the trauma. This pattern will continue until we can identify the root-cause of our symptoms rather than merely addressing them with undesirable coping mechanisms or medications.

So let’s say we recognize something’s not working in our life and we know we could benefit from an expert. Why do we still hesitate?

The answer is found in human nature we fear “re-living” or “re-feeling” the original pain. We perceive it as being too much to bear, so we’d rather avoid it. Many people see traditional talk-therapy as not only painful, but also time-consuming, especially if we’re expected to talk through every detail of the trauma.

With energy-based treatments, you can achieve quicker healing without having to relive all the details of your past. And, to many, that’s a huge benefit.

For instance, when my clients come in with symptoms like depression, anxiety, anger, fear, frustration or broken relationships, we work together to identify the original incident and strive to energetically heal the childhood wound.

The symptoms then fade until the client is healed. There’s no longer any trapped energy to attract negativity, pain or fear back into their lives. Their authentic self buried under the energetic layers of unhealed pain is now empowered to step forward and shine.

My passion as a holistic practitioner is to help as many people as possible heal their past so they can enjoy their present in loving connection to self, others and Source, living from a place of love, rather than fear.

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