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Everyone is Unique on Their Road to Recovery

Everyone is Unique on Their Road to Recovery

Dr. Carol Francis

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Forty years and eighteen books later, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis is passionate about moving people from trauma and abuse to a thriving life of recovery. – Radiance

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It can be easy to be depressed about recovering after trauma and abuse. Why are you so optimistic? Having worked with thousands of individuals who have survived so many different types of abuses and traumas over these 40+ years, I understand each person has their own path to recovery. Everybody is so unique, Scott. What they endured is incredibly unique. Who they are as a person who will recover will be unique. Who they’re going to create as a consequence of their recovery work will be special. Recovery work is all very individual.

First, in my therapy work we need to know where they’re at in that moment. Next, we shift into the next step, then the next step, the next step, and the steps that are actually going to move them along their own path, not some generic path. Deciding to begin recovery is step one. Owning that your recovery work is your journey is step three. Choosing your recovery team is step three.

Who they are as a person when they recover will be unique. Who they’re going to create as a consequence of their recovery work will be special

What kinds of situations require recovery work? Let’s look at our Soldiers who face PTSD after deployment, for sure, and have to integrate into their new life after they have served. I started working with soldiers after the Vietnam War. Because of these soldiers’ ordeals, we now understand a lot more about trauma recovery. Survivors must develop their hope they can recover and their desire to recover for themselves and their loved-ones.

I also work with individuals who, because of abuse and trauma in their life, have gone through a lot of depression or anxiety. Most people don’t know how to come back to a place of inner peace or create a new life after such devastations. Please everyone, read my book Paths to Recovery After Abuse and Trauma. This book will really help a lot.

Also, I provide 500 different tools in my book Own Your Peace: KISS METHOD for Inner Peaceful Living: Discover, Create and Sustain Your Inner Peace. If you adopt three of those 500 tools, three tools which move you into your inner peace, that’s all you need! I’ll know when you’re in my office one-on-one which tools will work for you based on your style and personality yet while reading this book, you’ll experiment with creating your OWN INNER PEACE. Finding tools which work for you.

What city is your office in? Torrance, California. You can contact me at Also, go to where I will provide a special offer for people reading this interview in Radiance. I will give them 100% free access to the 80 classes offered in because they are reading Radiance.

How do you recover your relationships? How do you recover your body? How do you recover your intimacy? How do you recover your sexuality? How do you even wake up in the morning? How do you become a functional? How do you regain self-esteem or move passed any shame, embarrassment or helplessness related to your ordeal? You can skip classes, take them in order, or go to any classes that do fit your current needs. is private and thorough.

I was going to say you’re very generous to offer that $249 value for free – thank you.

Dr. Carol Francis is a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Shamanically-trained, Trance Channeler, author of 18 books, an artist for humane causes, keynote speaker, and a human committed to all survivors rising into their thriving life potentials.

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Thanks and Cheers,
Dr. Carol Francis


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